Thursday, May 20, 2010


Really interesting day!!
(1) Stopped by my friends to pick up my Avon order , her husband and brother were there and informed me she was in Mission Hospital fighting for her life. She is a diabetic and has had several surgeries recently removing first toes then half of her foot. She took a bad fall and was sent to the hospital were she suddenly took a really bad downturn and now is in really bad shape,please pray. Her husband has been in a wheelchair since he was about 19,he was paralyzed waist down in an automobile accident.
(2) Arrived at market to find it under scrutiny from the NC dept of Agriculture inspectors. Now I've figured this was coming for years but not with the intensity they brought today. I had my kitchen inspected back in 2001 soon after I started my baking business. I wanted to do business with restaurants and they required me to be inspected. It wasn't a big thing as long as your kitchen can be shut off from the rest of your house. Today they were there to check on a vendor who sells goat cheese products, because they had an anonymous complaint about him.
Now it has come to their attention that not many vendors have inspections so all vendors will be forced to meet this criteria of shut down.I even overheard them say maybe they ought to demand that all the uninspected canned goods be removed from tables immediately. I know a lot of the older folks will be forced to shut down and in some cases it will be a good thing.
My thinking is this ... why are the powers that be so concerned with these inspections of food we produce in our homes and in such small quantities when the food you buy in the grocery stores is imported from countries that have no cleanliness inspection at all?????
This is me sitting behind my market table.

(3) After running errands even stopping by the county courthouse to research old marriage certificates, which there was only one of my dad to my mother, his first marriage must have been in Buncombe county. Anyway I found myself way ahead of schedule on my way home so I decided to stop in Staples and buy that laptop I had been looking at. I walked up to the cashier, she was on the phone, when she looked my way I said "I would like to buy a laptop", another worker walked by and she asked her to help me. This young lady said I will get someone to help you and headed across the store where she met the manager. After speaking to him she came back and told me the 2 men they had that worked with computers were both busy,would I wait? Okay, I'm looking around and I realize, hey! I'm the only customer in this store right now,how can they both be busy!! I waited for a few minutes ,until only the cashier (still on the phone!) and I were the only people in sight. I looked at her and just shook my head as I walked out the door.
I will take my money elsewhere where maybe someone actually cares if I buy something or not!
(4) After getting home,unloading the van and having a nice supper of fresh vegetables I bought today (all grown in the USA by the way). Hubbie and I hurried through chores to get to work at church early tonight.
Surprise , surprise still no lights in the sanctuary, it is hard to see anything in the dark. Preacher Mike was there and said hopefully they are going to work on the lights tomorrow. So no use in doing any cleaning anyway if workers are going to be in and out tomorrow in the rain. So we came home to work out a new schedule.
Daughter came in from work to late to do any of her baking tonight. Soooo, we were planning on going to the Flat Rock Playhouse tomorrow night to see Steel Magnolias but that plan went by the wayside now with all the schedule changes we had tonight.
This is exactly why I don't make a lot of plans ,with our busy lives something always comes up and changes schedules!
Anyway I'm going to bed before I have to add a "number 5" to this day.
Mama said there'd be days like this!!!!!
God is always there to lean on when the going gets a bit tough.
Good Night and God bless.


Gail said...

Look on the bright side, I bet you are never bored.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Marilyn, I hope the woman with Diabetes will be okay. That's too bad.. What will her hubby do without her?

Sorry about the inspections--but I guess that has to happen at times. What's crazy is what you said about WHO is inspecting our big grocery stores --when so much of their foods comes from all kinds of places besides the USA.... Duh!!!

I wouldn't buy my laptop from Staples either. I don't know how they stay open. Our Staples is NEVER busy. AND--they are more expensive than other places where you can buy laptops. Hope you find one.

Hope you will get to see Steel Magnolias sometimes anyhow... I love that show (movie and play)... It's just wonderful!!!

Hope today is a better day for you.