Sunday, May 30, 2010


Partly cloudy this morning on my way to church I thought it would probably be raining on my way home. Instead the sun was shining and the clouds were mostly gone. I had a hard time concentrating today during the sermon, maybe I'm getting tired of Roman's!
There was a small lunch crowd today,just hubbie,daughter and I. #1 son is working, d-in-love is planting day lilies, #2 son is golfing.
After lunch I decided to do some planting myself. I got all my plants I bought yesterday planted except for 2 before it started raining. The rain came up fast and we got wet running to the house. Thankfully no storming just a rain shower. We sat in the sunroom and watched until it stopped and I could have gone back and finished the last 2 pots but had sat there and gotten to comfortable to get up! After all tomorrows another day!!
Finally we did get up to fix supper,hubbie went out to cut lettuce for wilted lettuce and then fried squash while I made the lettuce. #1 son,d-in-love and g-son came for supper.
After we ate we built a fire in the firepit and sat outside and talked until after 9:30.
They were talking about camping and made me start thinking of our many camping trips when our kids were young.This is our first humble camping abode. This is in the spring of 1980,hubbie is holding my niece who was 2 years old. I remember this was in Cherokee,NC and I remember getting wet in that tent that weekend. We were camping with hubbie's brother and wife.As we had our own little ones our tent grew in size. We bought a boat and camped at lake Keowee and Hartwell a lot. And I remember the red dirt and mud and also I remember many wet nights in this tent. In the summer of 1985 we bought into a campground called Carolina Landing on Lake Hartwell near Clemson,SC. Daughter is the baby in this picture with #2 son.After tent camping for a couple of years there in 1987 we bought this 1968 lead sled camper. I remember we borrowed my moms big Oldsmobile 88 to pull the thing down to the lake.We left it at the campground. We enjoyed camping in it for several years,it was a very nice ,high end camper and had been well taken care of.
Eventually this endeaver became almost like a ball and chain. Since we were paying for this place we felt like if we went anywhere we should go there. We felt like we were cheating ourselves if we even went to the beach. So we decided to sell the property and the camper. And I can't remember camping anymore after we sold it.
But it sure was fun while it lasted!!
Thanking God for this reflective Sunday and for giving me the wonderful family I have.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Sounds like your family has some great camping memories. We used to camp in the Smokies. I also remember getting soaked one year when we were camping at the Chimneys. AND--I remember a bear getting into our food one time while we camped at Elkmont..... Oh --the memories!!!!

When is your South Carolina beach trip???? I love the Cherry Grove area...

Have a beautiful Memorial Day.

Traci @ The Bakery said...

We too love camping! I am debating on whether to get a small vintage camper and redo it...all vintagy and stuff!! Right now, we have a 30' camper....I hate the layout of it. Looks like all is well in your neck of the mountain...take care.