Friday, May 28, 2010


Busy morning ,after morning chores, lifting my weights and breakfast I started baking more cakes. G-son came today and he ate a big breakfast for a change this morning, 2 waffles and chocolate milk. He behaved very well while I finished my baking.
We ate lunch and headed outside to do what he wanted to do for a while. We played helicopter and then he played in his sand box for a while. I'm always afraid when he lifts the lid on the sand box he will find a snake in there. But so far so good!!
It was sunny and hot here today and clouds were banking all around.
When we came inside I made us a cold slushy by mixing 3 over ripe bananas and the few remaining strawberries with some ice cubes in the blender.It really hit the spot on this hot summer like day. And no added sugar just fruit and ice cubes,yum,yum!
After pawpaw came home from work to play with g-son I iced some cakes while we waited for d-in-love to pick up g-son.
Then we headed to finish work at church before the storms get here and make it to dark to see again. I'll sure be glad when the lights are fixed and we can get back on our regular schedule. Pastor stopped by and said they had to order a special part.
The clouds rolled in and we are under a flash flood watch tonight but we haven't seen a drop of rain yet. Thank you Lord the storms missed us again today.
I know our neighbors in the western part of the county got a massive hail storm this evening. Even tonight at 10:30 there was hail still piled on the side of the road several inches deep,looked like snow in May. Prayers for the farmers in that section of the county.
I iced 8 coconut cakes tonight,felt like Christmas ,that's usually when I get coconut orders. Daughter is here icing cupcakes tonight . Hubbie helped me box the 9 caramel cakes for the large order and he made the boxes for the 6 coconuts ,we'll box in the morning.Got everything else loaded in the van and ready to go.
My legs are burning and I just realized I probably haven't sat down for more than 10 minutes all day,yea that's why they are burning.
Thanking God for the health and energy to work and do all the things I do.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Yes---I hope your good health and energy remains with you for many more years. I have always had such good health and loads of energy--until this KNEE pain. It has really slowed me down ALOT--and I hate that... NO FUN!

We finally got some rain last night (about an inch) --but no severe stuff. George went to check on his parents in Hendersonville ---so he brought us a pizza home for dinner. The parents are doing fine.

You have really made the cakes this week, haven't you???? I guess you are used to it---but it sounds like a ton of work to me.

Take time to get off of your feet some this weekend.