Thursday, May 13, 2010


Sometimes having a long driveway in the country proves to be a lot like the stop and go of a busy city street.Mr. Quail takes the right-of -way as the bushes on the other side of the drive must look better for hiding.This morningTubby Terrapin was in no hurry to get across the gravely driveway.As I got out of the van to hurry him along I expected him to draw into his shell,but instead he just looked at me and even when I coaxed him along with a little push he walked on as if to say,"okay,okay lady I'll get out of your way!"
Another of God's miraculous painting jobs don't you think!
This is me as I wait for customers that were few and far between again today at market.
I am grateful for the items I did sell and very thankful that I wasn't like some of my neighbors who didn't sell anything.

Taking a pretzel break doesn't speed up the clock at all.

I crocheted tops on some towels and visited with neighbors until closing time.This is my jewelery making neighbor Janet,she's fun and her antics make the days pass much more easily during the week when business is so slow.

After running some in town errands I stopped by the library and looked back in the archives of the local newspaper and found the obit for dad's former wife. There is a daughter listed and several sisters.So I'm hoping I can come up with locating at least one of them. I did find out that a lot of what I had been told about where she was from was not true and was surprised to find that she was from a couple counties away right here in WNC.
Going through those old papers was very interesting to me, if I'm ever looking for something to do that would sure fill the time.
It was 5:30 when I finished errands and finally got home. We unloaded the van,ate a salad then I went on a walk while hubbie mowed grass.
The next to last Survivor show was on tonight and after watching that we went to work at church. Next week on Thursday night we can go to work early,I'm not getting involved in another TV show!!
Thankful to be a Jesus follower!!
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

Sounds like an intriging day. I especially like the part where you took a walk while Hubby mowed.

Amy H. said...

Has Wes seen this turtle? I bet he'd love it... wonder if it bites!? I love that those quails come around now. Do you think they visit "Bob White"?

This search for your relatives is becoming interesting! I wonder what will come of all of this?...

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful turtle, Marilyn. He really does have pretty colors!!! I remember one time when we were driving on a country road, there were tons of HUGE turtles crossing the road. We had to stop several times and dodge them at other times. I wonder how many made it across... AND--where were they going?????

Sorry that your business is so slow now. I hope it picks up when summer gets here...

Have a great weekend.