Friday, May 14, 2010


Okay time for some name dropping. In my quest for early family info I need to get in touch with Mrs. Margaret Rizzo, who in 1951 lived in New York, or Mrs. Fay Thomas who lived in Asheville,NC in 1951. Any family of a Mr. and Mrs. Garvin West of Madison county NC could also be helpful. Maybe someone will run across this blog with some information that might help.
I am headed for the county courthouse next week to see what I can dig up,this might be very interesting.Who knows I may even write a book.
I have a feeling I have a very interesting family history,once when my dad was asked some questions,his reply was "be careful when you look up your family tree a monkey might shit in your face". My dad was a comical man,but it was obvious he didn't want to be pinned down to answer questions.

One thing I am proud about,when I found my grandfathers obit yesterday. He was a lifelong member and Deacon at the same church I belong to now.
He was very outspoken and involved in community events and routinely wrote things in the local paper. That is another project for me in the future!! He died in 1951,he would have been 100 years old the year I was born if he had of lived another 3 years.

Today has been a busy day,it started with baking and some early icing then picked up g-son from pre-school. He was starved when we got home and could hardly wait for lunch to get ready,poor little guy,I think he is going through a growth spurt.
After lunch we played outside for awhile until he was ready for a nap. While he napped I planted some moon vine plants and looked for a pot for another plant but couldn't find one. If you have ever had a moon flower you will agree these are unique,they only bloom by the light of the moon (hence the name) and they have a wonderfully sweet fragrance.
Clouds have moved in and it is hot and muggy outside,feels more like July than May.
#2 son came to borrow the truck to pick up more lattice for his porch project at his house, daughter came by for a minute to see g-son. D-in-love picked him up and they went grocery shopping.
After supper of fresh green beans ,corn on the cob ,fried squash and sweet potatoes hubbie and I decided it wasn't going to rain after all so we carried water to all our plants and pots.
We finished work at church and when we came outside the sky was very dark and we heard thunder and saw distant lightening on the way home.
There is severe storms around us and we finally got a shower of rain,maybe just enough to settle the dust,but I'm sure not complaining , the storms were dropping 1-2 inches of rain an hour and hail. I'll take a shower!!! Who knows tomorrow it may be our turn for the storms. We sat out on the front porch while it rained and enjoyed the cool air that came with the rain.
I finished my icing and wrapped and labeled everything.
It is still 68 degrees at 11:30 tonight,uhhh. We usually don't turn on our air conditioner until later and we have to. We both work outside so much that the air conditioning just makes you suffer more when you're outside. I like to sweat,I think you are healthier when you sweat a lot,it gets rid of toxins in our bodies. When I was younger and felt like I was getting sick,I would put on insulated cover-alls,no matter the season and go to the barn and shovel out stalls until I was drenched with sweat. I never got sick!!
If I tried that now the results from all that shoveling probably would be worse than the sickness!!!!!
I've found nothing about this aging process that appeals to me yet!!
I am thanking God tonight for sparing our farm the storms tonight and giving me the good news I got from my lab work today, it was all perfectly normal!!!! Glory to God!!!
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hooray Marilyn, Glad your lab work came out normal and Glad that you didn't get the severe storms. We didn't get much here either--but Hendersonville (north of Nashville) had a HUGE amount of rain when we were there yesterday check on G's parents. That area doesn't need MORE rain --after the floods...

I hope you do find more info on your relatives. Doing Family History is just so much fun ---but it can be addicting... I have to make myself go to bed on a night when I'm deep into research.

Hope you have a great Saturday.