Friday, May 21, 2010


I have a sick baby today,Miss Dolly as her hairdresser calls her has a really bad stomach ache. She was sick yesterday afternoon,eating grass and vomiting and I didn't think to much about it as she has done this numerous times before. But at bedtime last night I noticed her shivering with pain, but it seemed to subside after she went to sleep.
However this morning she is still very sick,she drank some water and almost immediately threw it back up so we have a vet appointment at 3:30 to have her checked out.
I baked cakes all morning and took several cake orders,when business picks up it always catches me by surprise.
Another change of plans for this afternoon as I was planning to switch cell phone companies today but Dolly is more important. My cousin was going to bring some more old family photos over here for me to scan in on my computer but she called this morning and her plans changed also with a death in her husbands family.
So I'm killing time until vet time right now. It has been a rainy,cool day so far not fit for any outside work for sure. It almost feels like jacket weather.
Well vet visit went better than it could have,at least Dolly got to come home with me. Dolly was quite out of it by the time we got there. But the vet said she wasn't dehydrated yet, no fever, but she sure had an upset stomach. I told her what hubbie had told me he did Wednesday night,he was feeding the bigger dogs some cube steak we had for supper and didn't eat because it was tough and he thought Dolly might have gotten a large piece of the meat. The vet said we were going to hope that was it and treat her as such. She got a bloody stool sample and said we have to be very careful with a tiny dog like Dolly,she only weighs 6 lbs ,because things can go south fast. They gave her 2 shots, 1 antibiotic, 1 for nausea and gave her some sub-Q fluids. If she is worse in the morning she will have to go to the hospital and have more test done. I'm praying that won't be necessary.
Daughter fixed supper for hubbie,#2 son and me tonight. She makes us eat healthy but it's always good. She introduced us to turkey sausage tonight and it was delicious.
Hubbie and I went to church and worked where we had lights as they still don't have the lights fixed from the lightening strike last weekend.
Daughter baked while we were gone and I iced when we got back ,hoping for another good market day tomorrow.
Praying for Dolly tonight, it breaks my heart to see an animal in pain with that "help me" look in their eyes. Asking God to take her out of her suffering and I'll deal with His decision for her.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

I just said a little prayer for Dolly, Marilyn. I hope that she is much better tomorrow.

What cellphone company are you switching to/from? I swear by Verizon. We have service almost everywhere we go--and that is opposed to AT%T--where service is sporadic.

Hope they get the lights fixed at church before Sunday!!!!

Glad you are having more business now with your cakes.

Have a good day tomorrow --and let us know about Dolly.