Monday, May 3, 2010


Slept in a little this morning as I spent quite awhile awake in the pre-dawn hours searching for whatever it was the dogs were barking so at and then must have turned my bad knee the wrong way because when I got back in bed it hurt so bad I had to rub it with cream and put the heating pad on it to ever get back to sleep,uhhh!!!
It rained almost an 1 1/2 inches last night and is still raining this morning. After cereal and tea I worked on my Avon order while hubbie went to pick up g-son from pre-school.
I got finished about the same time they got home and we went to Sam's Club for a few things and ate lunch there.
Ran into a friend,who said her daughter's family who lives in Nashville,Tenn. almost got flooded out. She said their yard was flooded but luckily the water didn't get into their house.
Some of the pictures of that flood are unbelievable,more than 13 inches of rain fell there from the same system that came through here last night. Downtown Nashville was under water,they evacuated the Opryland hotel where we stayed years ago when we went to Opryland.
I'm sure when they built I-40 they thought it was above any flooding danger and has been until now!
The death tole keeps rising as the waters start to recede,it is now at 28. The Cumberland River is supposed to crest 11 feet above flood stage,wow!!!
Thank God we didn't have that much rain here,but you never know when it will be you that is in the severe weather.
On the news tonight they had a story about the years past that had such a severe winter as we had and they also had a severe weather summer,so we'd better get ready for anything.
Here we enjoyed a great afternoon as the rain moved out and the sun peaked out.
Traces of the last raindrops linger on this snowball bloom.
The azalea blossoms were mostly on the ground after the hard rain,but they sure have been pretty while they lasted.

Our potato patch needed the water and hubbie's tilling,and side dressing with fertilizer was just in time.
These girls didn't mind being shut up in the upper pasture with all this fresh green grass, with even some bouquets of buttercups to go with their dinner.

This cottonwood tree's blooms create a purple haze against the clearing sky this afternoon.
There was a sweet refreshing smell to the air as I did my evening chores and checked on all my recently potted plants.

While g-son took his nap this afternoon,I did my month end paperwork and April is now officially over. My market business is really down. I looked back in my records and had to go all the way back to 2002 to find an April to match this April's totals. Makes you kind of feel like you're backing up!!
But I will keep the faith in the knowledge that it will get better! And I am very thankful for what I do make,as I know I am a lot better off than a lot of people right now.
As I sat out in the sunroom and watched darkness fall tonight I thought about how hectic
the last several months have been for me and how nice it felt to have the time to just sit and enjoy the quite peaceful evening with the satisfaction that I've pretty much got all my spring goals done.
My May goals are: (1) catch up my sewing crafts at the curbmarket
(2) get a physical
(3) go to the dentist for new denture and partial
(4) start organizing all my old photos
(5) get my garden planted
May looks like it will be a pretty easy month,not nearly as daunting as some recently passed months.
Thanking God tonight for sparing our area from the flooding rains and so thankful for all my blessings of the day.
Good Night and God Bless.


Sue Ellen said...

Sorry about your knee. I think I've got a bug or something. Didn't eat dinner last night due to the "icky" feeling and this morning wasn't hungry but pushed in a pastry at the conference I'm attending. Looks like your May is going to be busy...mine will certainly be different with my son and family moving to TN. Hope you feel better soon!~~~Sue

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Hope your knee is better. You need to add one more thing to your May goals: Take some Marilyn TIME---and relax more!!!!! Life is short!

Sorry about your April totals. Hopefully the economy will eventually improve. When I see tons of people down here spending money on golf and on eating at fine restaurants--I'd never know there was a problem.... Gads!!!!

Yes, Nashville is in horrible shape... I feel so sorry for the people effected by the storm and flooding. Crossville ended up with 4.5 inches in 2 days --and that is enough --but Nashville (2 hours west of us) got about 14 inches...

It's raining at the beach today--so this gives me an opportunity to catch up with some blogging, some reading and some SLEEPING.. ha ha (What a life!)