Monday, May 17, 2010


Well after all the flood warnings we have almost an inch of rain in the gauge this morning.Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining!
Hubbie took g-son to pre-school this morning while I worked on my Avon order and got it sent in.
Hubbie didn't sleep well last night so he came back and slept most of the morning. It still looks like rain any minute.
We have a visitor all the time now around hubbie's lone lady quail. Her mate died last year and she is a very old bird. She has been enjoying "bob whiting" back and forth this spring with the pair of quail that appeared at the feeders last winter.
But now the male is a constant suitor at her cage. I must admit he is a handsome fellow! He spends a lot of time on top of her cage constantly peering over the side to get her attention from below.We are trying to figure out what happened to the female quail that has always been with him. Hubbie thinks she has been eaten by something. I am holding out hope that she is setting on a nest of eggs and this little fellow is promiscuously courting another female!! I guess only time will tell. He is not afraid of us at all which leads us to believe that he has been hand raised. It is fun to listen to them talk to each other.

After picking up g-son we went to the bank, P.O. and Walmart. We also stopped at a local strawberry farm for some fresh berries on the way home.
These are the biggest berries he has ever had ,but they don't taste that good. He said he planted a northern variety so hopefully they'd be later and he wouldn't have to worry about them getting frozen. He must not have many because he said he would be out of berries after 1 more week and he just opened Saturday. I guess I'll go back to SC strawberries.
My oldest brother brought us some tomato plants this evening and checked out my new sunroom.
#1 son came after g-son and visited with his uncle a while.
We got a hard rain this evening finally, there is almost 2" in the rain gauge tonight and it is still showery at 11:30.
I spent this dreary day sorting through old papers and pictures while hubbie and g-son napped and played.
I finally hit paydirt tonight when I found this birth certificate wrapped up in a letter from the clerk of court of Buncombe county. The paper said they were able to handle this without going through the entire adoption proceedings.
So my dad did adopt his wife's daughter,who judging by her birthdate was born when she was about 16 years old.
Margaret would have been about 15 at the time and was living in New York,because the letter referred to sending a copy of this to New York to see if it would satisfy the need, for what I don't know.
Now I have a birthdate for my adopted half sister anyway and know that she just turned 82 last Friday if she is still alive.
Daughter is interested now because I think she smells a trip to New York maybe! She searched for a long time tonight on the internet while I did some more organizing but came up empty just like I did when I searched.
The way I look at it is- if the Lord wants me to find her I will and if he doesn't I won't.
But I still can't shake that feeling that came over me kneeling at my grandfather's grave in the cemetery that day.
Being 51 years old when he married my mom there sure is a lot of my father's life that I would like to know about.
God will lead me in the direction I need to go and I will be happy to put my trust in Him.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Genealogy is addictive, Marilyn. Glad you found the birth certificate. Hope you can locate the half sister sometime. Wouldn't that be neat???

We bought some GA strawberries when we were on our way to the beach... We bought them at a big produce market near Dillard... They were so delicious. I love fresh strawberries --when they have a good flavor.

We only got a little rain from all of these systems the past 3 days... Glad we didn't get any severe weather though.

Have a great Tuesday.