Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Housework Tuesday rolls around again,this is the first Tuesday in the month and extra stuff is done today,which means extra laundry,yuck!!
Daughter cleaned last night until the wee hours in her place and is relaxing this morning.
After she got back from having her hair cut and it was almost 3:00 and I wasn't finished,she helped so we could make a trip to Lowe's in the big truck.
#2 son is working in his yard and is going to go with us to lend us his muscle for loading the patio stones we are going after.
I drove the truck to Lowe's but after I got parked in their crowded parking lot I let him take over to get us out of there.
Daughter or I didn't find what we were looking for there so we went to Home Depot.It's amazing how much less crowded it was there and for what we bought their prices were cheaper than Lowe's,go figure!!
I still didn't find the Riverwalk stones I was looking for,I don't think they make them anymore so I will have to decide on something else,but I need to look around a bit more.
I bought some foundation plants and potting soil,some trellis work for a climbing flower I got.
We made it home right before hubbie got home from work and were unloading daughters stones. #2 son helped her with her little patio while hubbie helped me with my plants.Here they are before we got them in the ground,I hope they grow fast!
I am very worried about 2 trees in my yard that didn't fair so well after this winter. My Magnolia and my Holly trees are not looking great. I put out a whole bag of Hollytone under them hoping that will give them the correct soil balance they need.As you can see the holly looks really bad,I really don't want to cut out the brown,these are fairly large older trees and I would hate to loose either of them. My thinking is that all the snow we had put too much nitrogen in the ground and since these are acid loving trees maybe the hollytone,which has a high volume of potash in it will save them. The magnolia did this several years ago and I put ashes from the wood stove around it and it bounced back.Maybe I'll try that this time also. I would welcome any suggestions.
We worked outside until almost 8:00 tonight and then were starving,we need to break that habit!
I baked my layers for my cakes tonight. It is midnight and I'm waiting on the chocolates to come out of the oven.
God is so good to me,it never ceases to amaze me and I love Him for it.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, We don't have Home Depot here--so our Lowe's has NO competition... Darn!!!!

My advice about your trees is to be patient... It may take awhile---but they will probably be okay. They've lived through rough winters before---so I'm sure they will this year too. Have you searched online for help??

Hope you have a good day today. They say that cold weather is coming back on Friday... YUK...