Wednesday, April 7, 2010


This is going to be short tonight because I am so tireeed!!!!!
Early,early this morning we picked up g-son in his pj's and off hubbie,I and daughter went to South Carolina to the Pickens Flea Market. This is my favorite flea market,it is one that hasn't gone mostly commercial. Due to the heat in SC this market starts at 4 am (we definitely were not that early!),and the sellers are mostly all gone by 12 noon.
We arrived in a car line snaking slowly to get into the market,luckily since hubbie and I have been going to this market for years we knew where there is a field on the other side of a large creek that runs around the market to park and walk across a narrow bridge to get in. Today there was a lot of regulars that knew what we knew and we ended up parked on the side of the road leading to the field.This is a very large market and it is very hard to get around to everything before people start to pack up. Some of it is under sheds and some is not.As I watched g-son walk through the market spotting spiderman,turtle power, and spongebob figurines he wanted under the watchful eye of aunt T I thought back at how it doesn't seem long ago at all that he was riding on Pawpaw's shoulders through the market.My how time flies!!!Have no idea what he has spotted here,he is a picky shopper,even turning down several gifts from some of the vendors. He's always been a boy who likes what he likes and doesn't care for other things.
We had a great time at the market and actually didn't leave until after 12:30. We headed downtown Pickens to eat lunch at McDonalds and he played in the playground until he got so tired,he was looking for excuses to cry about!
He slept all the way home and in a much better mood went back to town with aunt T to look for a table that she didn't find today.
Hubbie and I planted our potatoes this evening,we plant 10 lbs of early red pontiacs and 50 lbs of kennebecs.We ended up with 3 rows of potatoes.After that was finished it was late again so we only had a salad for supper.
Then we picked a place to plant 2 peach trees we bought today and he planted them while I came inside to pay bills and do weekly paperwork. Daughter did her baking after she put her new table together.
Then I had cakes to ice and wrap and label. Finished everything about 11:15 and started this.
I did not sleep good at all last night and at times today I would have given anything for a nap but that didn't happen ,that is why I am so tired tonight.
Thanking God for our safe trip today and all the joys He sent my way today.
Good Night and God Bless.


Claudia said...

Peach Trees!! My aunt had a peach tree at her house and one of my fondest memories of my summers at her house was getting fresh peaches and eating them sitting outside!! One time we picked some that weren't ready yet ... we ate them ... let's just say it didn't go too well with our bellies =)

I'm not a browse shopper so if I go to a flee market I wouldn't do too well ... wouldn't know what to get, would question myself 100 times "do I really need this?" and ended up buying nothing. My mom on the other hand loves that kind of thing, I should take her to some of those when she comes this time.

Glad you had a successful day. You got a lot done!!

Nezzy said...

Well girl, sounds like ya pack as much into a day as I do. That flee market looks massive. Your sweet little grandson makes for a persnickety shopper. That's quite the potato patch ya got there. I pray you get some sound sleep tonight.

Have a beautiful day filled with sunny blessings!!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

You need to come to my area in August (1st full weekend) and visit the Highway 127 Yard Sale... It's a HUGE sale---all along Highway 127 for the weekend. You'd probably love it. I run the opposite direction when it comes to things like that. ha

You certainly got alot done.... Made me tired just reading your post. ha


Traci @ The Bakery said...

Hey Lady! I finally found time to blog hop....sorry I haven't been sooner. I tried to go a big flea market last weekend, but couldn't find a parking spot due to a GUN SHOW going on at the fairgrounds....sheesh, they were running the shuttle for parking...NO WAY was I going to find something at a flea market then pack it onto a shuttle to get to my car....LOL.
I can't wait to see how your garden grows....I am branching out this year and trying more....we'll see. Have a great evening!