Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Yuck !! Woke up about 2 hours before the alarm went off this morning feeling sick at my stomach. I hate to feel sick in the morning,it tends to ruin my entire day.
After laying there for quite a while with no relief I decided I had better get up and do the chores early in case I started feeling worse.
That's the thing about farming ,when you have animals that depend on you for their food you can't call in sick.
I finished all the outside stuff without feeling any different so I went ahead and started some laundry. I figured if laying down wasn't going to help I might as well get something done.
Munching on saltine crackers I managed to get a couple loads done before I did have to lay down for a while.
I dozed off for about an hour ,when I woke up I was over whatever was bugging me,thank you Lord !
I had chicken soup for lunch ,then continued with my day of laundry and cleaning.
The clouds are getting thicker and thicker this evening and the rain can't be far away.
Sure enough just as I shut my chickens up for the night the rain started falling with some lightening and thunder mixed in.
The rain has been really hard at times but I don't think I've heard any hail. We've got almost an inch of rain so far at 11:00 tonight.
After the storms passed I baked 12 caramel,3 chocolate and 1 coconut cake .

I found these photos on the local news web site and thought they were very inspirational.They were taken after the massive storms last week .
This one was titled Angels looking down.

And this one if it wasn't tampered with needs no explanation.

The rain is still coming down outside pretty hard as I type this tonight at 11:15.
Blackberry Winter is going to rear her head after these storms pass and I guess tomorrow night I'll be getting my plant covers out for the first time this spring as temperatures are predicted to drop into the mid 30's.

Praising God tonight for the strength He gives me each and every day.

Good Night and God Bless.

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