Monday, May 23, 2011


Clouds are still hanging around this morning,although we got only two tenths of an inch of rain last night from all the clouds.
After chores it was time to work in the garden since Hubbie is off today.

The half-runner beans have a climbing screen now.

Tomatoes are staked and when we were finished all those weeds were pulled and fed to the chickens,who enjoy them thoroughly.
#1 son and g-son came after pre-school, #1 son is going to his new surgeon today to talk more about his upcoming surgery so g-son is here for the afternoon.
We went over to the local elementary school to pick up the 12 chicks from last weeks hatch since they had 6 more hatch this past week end.

I'm excited to see these guys grow up as there are some varying colors that I've not seen before in my flock. At 1 week old they are getting wing feathers and are very curious about everything.

The chicks that this red silkie hen hatch are now 3 weeks old and mama is beginning to look like she wants her freedom. Probably in about another week I'll add these to the large brooder box with the school chicks and she will be allowed to go back to her normal life.

She still has 6 chicks,one is hiding behind her in this photo.

The Orphington pullet and splash silkie rooster that are almost 3 months old seem to be doing fine in the silkie pen. They even went in the proper roosting box tonight on their own.
While I was working with the chicks, getting a light hooked up ,etc. g-son had the petal to the metal in his jeep going back and forth from the house to the barn where Hubbie was working.
We fixed a big supper tonight and had #1 and #2 son and daughter with g-son to eat with us.
After everyone left I walked around the pasture.

My walking partner Sadie enjoyed a nice cool drink from the creek. I noticed the water level in the creek had dropped drastically in just a short while.

It has been an extremely warm day, 90 degrees !!! With that kind of heat I was expecting storms this evening but thankfully they didn't happen.

Sadly yesterday a town called Joplin,Missouri was totally destroyed by a tornado that took a direct hit on the town,killing at least 89 people. Some of the press photos I saw reminded me of the tsaunami that hit Japan earlier in the year.

My heart and prayers go out to these people tonight. God bless and comfort them.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, What has happened in our country recently with all of the tornadoes is just horrible. My love and prayers for all who have lost so much.. God Bless them..

Your grandson is growing up so fast. I'm sure he loves that jeep.

You really have the chickens/chicks now, don't you???? Do you sell them?

Your garden looks like it is coming along great.

We got a little rain during the night last night --but none today. it's quite hot here also.