Thursday, May 12, 2011


Today will be an interesting day.
I have jury duty and was told not to report until 1 pm today. I know there is no way they can seat a jury and have a trial all after 1 pm and I've made no plans to change my Friday activities.
Market was really slow today with the exception of a couple orders I had.
I loaded the van at 12:15 ,parked it under some shade trees in the market parking lot and walked the 4 blocks across town to the courthouse. I knew there wouldn't be any parking space over there because of some new construction they are doing .
I passed the metal detector test and entered the jury room to find about 40 people. To my surprise I saw one of my 2nd cousin's husbands and 2 old friends. So it was easy to pass the hour wait by catching up with them.
We were taken into the courtroom and introduced to the judge,lawyers and defendant.
Then all our names were placed in a bowl and 12 were drawn to fill the 12 jury seats. My cousin's husband was the #2 name called out and mine was the #5 name,what a coincidence!
The prosecutor started his interview with us and he laughed finding out that out of all the people there there were 2 family members in the first 12 names.
The defendant looked very familiar to me and she said I looked familiar to her when asked if any one of us knew her.
Then they had the 2 arresting officers stand and asked if anyone knew them, again I raised my hand as one of them is married to my sis-in-law's niece and my d-in-law works for her in her restaurant and they are good friends.
Needless to say I made an early exit from that jury duty.
It had just started to rain as I walked back to my van and it felt like a sauna outside.
It was almost 3:30 , I had given the banking and PO duties to Hubbie this morning,I didn't need any baking supplies so I went by the strawberry farm and picked up a gallon of fresh berries and a bunch of fresh asparagus and headed home.
Clouds were dark and I could hear distant thunder but the rain and storms went around us again.
There was a death in our church and community of a lady that I've known all my life,she was 93, so Hubbie and I went to her visitation tonight at the local funeral home.
Bless her she was such an advocate for the Lord in every way she lived,she will be missed in the entire community.

We spent the remainder of the evening relaxing.
As I posted in an earlier post my Wednesday's post was evidently lost by blogger during some type of maintenance . I am now very concerned with how this happened and the fact that my entire blog could be lost. I'm researching ways to preserve all these memories,if you have any ideas please let me know.

Grateful to God for all His provisions today.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, There are several online groups which can publish your blog in a book or books. I've thought about doing that--but my posts are so long and I think it would cost me an arm and a leg.. But--it would be worth it --IF Blogger lost everything... Google "Publish your Blogger Posts in a book".....

Let me know if you find something... I may do it too.