Sunday, May 22, 2011


Daughter made it home this morning just in time to go teach her Sunday school class.
Everyone made it to church this morning except #2 son and he is golfing in SC with friends.
That was also our lunch bunch for today. It was already hot this morning at chore time and it is really hot after lunch.
That calls for some water play for g-son.
Daughter bought these water guns a while ago and has kept them hidden until now.
They both got soaked but the cold water felt good on this 86 degree day in May.

We had a relaxing afternoon just enjoying the warmth of the sun and quietness of a Sunday afternoon.
I moved some chickens around today, putting 2 more of the chicks that hatched the 1st week of March out in the Silkie lot. The large black pullet and the Splash silkie rooster gained their freedom from their chick pen today. I debated on letting them out because they won't get chick starter now,only laying mash and scratch, but next week they will be 3 months old and the pen I had them in was getting pretty crowded. I'll watch for a couple days and see how they do. The pullet was accepted without even a peck, but of course the older roosters had to give the new kid rooster a lesson in the pecking order of things.
When I went up to shut the door of their house tonight the pullet was already in the house snuggled with the Silkies but I had to chase Splash down and put him in there.

We got a short shower of rain this evening that postponed my watering duties at least one day. There was thunder and lightening but it stayed in the distance as the storm passed.
We need a soaking rain badly for the garden, I pulled some weeds today for the chickens and the ground was so hard they broke off instead of pulled up.
Our forecast for the next week looks interesting,just hope the extra warm temps don't cause severe storms.

#2 son came up tonight and ate a late supper of lunch left overs and helped daughter move a piece of furniture out of her apartment into my basement.

I sat out in the sunroom and watched the storm pass while listening to the rain on the metal roof just relaxing and thanking God for the place He picked for me in His world.

Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

HI Marilyn, We had some rough and tough thunderstorms today --bad enough that our electricity went out for a few minutes... BUT--the storms cooled things off which helped!!! AND--we needed some rain. Think we ended up with 3/4th an inch.

Sounds like you all had a nice day in North Carolina.

Gail said...

Rain is wonderful. Glad you had no storms and a wonderful Sunday.