Sunday, May 8, 2011


Mother's Day 2011 didn't start out to well for me as in the wee hours of the morning I was searching for the heating pad and swallowing pain meds for a hip pain that wouldn't go away.
Finally getting to sleep I slept in on this Mother's Day.
No church today partly because of my hip, but mostly because this day makes me uncomfortable at church. Maybe because of the extra attention but mostly I think it makes me uncomfortable hearing all the wonderful stories about relationships with mothers because I didn't have that wonderful relationship with my mother and this day makes me realize what I missed out on and stirs up to many hurtful memories.

When I checked on the little red hen this morning she has 5 chicks and I found 1 that looked like he was having trouble getting out of the egg shell. I cracked the shell off him but he was to weak and cold to leave outside so I brought him inside ,found a box and put him on my still warm heating pad.
As the morning went on he got stronger quickly after some drinks of sugar water and was ready to rejoin mom and siblings.
He is the yellow one fartherest away from mom.
Amazing how instincts kick in, this little chick had never seen his mom but as soon as I sat him in the house he ran straight under her.

Another mom made an unexpected appearance today.
This head belongs to this .......
How do I know this is a mama Blacksnake ?????

Because there were 2 of these baby blacksnakes under the same board.

Like I've said before we don't kill Black snakes unless they become a problem and even though these were pretty close to the house , when they crawled away they headed into the woods away from the house,so as long as I don't find her in my hen houses she'll live to have more babies.

My Mother's Day was wonderful, the hip pain was gone this morning and we had a very nice lunch followed by strawberry shortcake. Everyone was here except D-in-love who worked today.
I was thrilled with my gifts.
This rooster will have a prominent place beside the stove top.

#1 son made me this spice rack in his wood shop,the jars will hold flowers and the silverware is bent into hooks for hanging things. I'll make another picture when I get it in place.

Another trip to my favorite place to eat is on the horizon.

A couple of very nice cards and.......

An afternoon of entertainment from this little guy made for a very wonderful Mother's Day.
After everyone left I took a nice walk around our pastures.
Love this nice pattern left by the bush hog.

The sound of the water rippling over the rocks in the creek has a relaxing effect.

Setting sun reflecting off thunder heads as they form in the distance.

As the day came to an end I watered all my flowers and plants, shut all my chickens up for the night ,fed the dogs and cried out grateful prayers to my Heavenly Father for this wonderful life and family He has given me. I am so eternally grateful to be so blessed each and everyday with His love .


Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

Sounds like the perfect way to spend a day, except for the pain part!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Mother's Day can be a bitter-sweet day for many...Glad you ended up having a good day with your family. I heard from all three of my sons--which was wonderful.

What a neat spice rack... I love it....


Julie Harward said...

Loved your post...many mothers days are filled with the good and the not so good..sounds like yours was a good one. You got some real nice gifts too and to end it with a grateful heart...well, you know who loves you..Him. :D