Monday, May 2, 2011


On the job early this morning,out to do chores,sadly finding one of my white Silkie hens had croaked overnight. She had a look last night and I think she may have had an egg burst inside her as she had some blood in that area this morning. Anyway Hubbie did the duty of burying her so the dogs wouldn't be carrying around a stinking chicken carcus for days.
Hubbie had driven to Lowe's to meet #1 son and pick up his new frig but #1 son had overslept so Hubbie came home and he and I went to pick up a new bush hog. When we went in to get it I thought this was going to be another empty trip when the girl at the desk said the man that ran the place was out of town on a delivery. But they called him and ours was a heavier bush hog so it was easy to pick out and his wife loaded it on our trailer with Hubbie's help while g-son and I watched.This is a small family owned business and we chose to deal with them instead of Tractor Supply and this was a little better deal any way.
Back home #1 son helped unload the new piece of equipment.
After we all ate lunch, Hubbie and #1 son headed back to Lowe's to get the frig.
Since #1 son had a doctor appointment at 2:30 they left it in the truck until tonight.

Got my green beans,squash,cucumbers,okra and dill planted in the garden. We still have some empty space for late things we think of.
We have been enjoying lettuce,radishes,onions and greens already.

I also got my tire herb beds filled with basil,cilantro and parsley.
I got my first batch of chive blossom vinegar started today,it will take about 2 weeks for it to get the flavor I like.If you want the recipe for this you can go to and check out her recipe page.

Hubbie couldn't wait to try out the new bush hog and g-son,up a tree with popsicle in hand watched.We took g-son to his ballgame this evening. He gives the coach a high five as he rounds 3rd base.

No tears today but his heart is definitely not in this game, he is just not mature enough yet for this.

He came back home with me as all three of the guys headed up to #1 son's to get the old refrigerator out and the new one in. As I watched him play carefreely in his new sandbox memories from my childhood flashed back. Every summer as soon as school was out my dad would go down to the creek and bring 2 big dips of sand up to our front yard, one dip under each of two large shady oak trees. My brother and I would set about building our own little farms on our sand hills. We would build roads connecting the two farms and drive our little vehicles back and forth. We had all kinds of little plastic farm animals and equipment. We would play in these sand piles all summer and when school started again they would be scooped up and spread out, by then full of sticks and leaves there was little resistance.

G-son dove into his "sand water" and Sadie hopped in to make sure he was okay.As I sat on the back steps and watched him play I spotted these 2 lovebird cowbirds up in the tree above my head.I'm really not fond of these birds but I do believe God made them as they are for a reason and they do have a purpose,they also have a pretty sweet song. They may be looking for another bird's nest to lay their eggs in !!

The young soldier who was killed last week in Afghanistan was buried today with many community members coming out to support the family.
The main news of the day was the killing of the worlds head terrorist.
Unfortunately because of this man our children,grandchildren and later generations will never know the true feeling of the freedom that we as adults knew before the acts of terror this man mastermined on 9/11/2001.A late end to a very busy Monday for my family came with sad news for daughter,the offer she made on the house was turned down so it's back to the house hunt for her. She sounded pretty dejected when I talked to her but I know she'll be fine as she had said she was putting it in God's hands, if it was meant for to her to be in that house it would work out and if not God had another place for her.

Also the news from the new knee surgeon to #1 son was troubling as he found out the plate that first doctor put on his knee is actually on the wrong side and is contributing to the angle of his leg. But the good news is there may actually be an alternative to the massive re-doing of the surgery. #1 son has another appointment Monday to have more test done. Pray,Pray,pray !!!

Grateful to God tonight for a blessed day , a perfect day as is everyday when we allow God to be in control.
Good Night and God Bless.

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NCmountainwoman said...

Gorgeous header photograph! It sounds as if your son's first surgeon made several miscalculations that led to complications that he shouldn't have had. I'm glad he now has the right kind of care.