Saturday, May 21, 2011


Errrrrr!!! Felt like I could have slept longer this morning. But not today so it was up and at it,doing chores and heading off to market.Daughter and Hubbie helped this morning for a while. About noon she was off to Charlotte to the stock car race,meeting friends there and Hubbie went home to do ?, not sure what his plans are today.
Market was busier today,thankfully. Better weather and more snow birds returning, me thinks!!
Mr.Camping followers must be having a busy day, bidding good bye to family and I even read that there is a man that has been payed to take care of pets after their owners are swept up to Heaven tonight at 6pm. My only question about that is, how does this guy know he will be left behind?? That must be a bad feeling !!!!

It is 1:00 now and I have just now had time to get on the computer, I've caught up with my blog reading and e-mailing from yesterday. #2 son came in and sat for a while with me,he sat an unexpected day off today to reduce his hours for the week.

After market I picked up next Thursdays baking supplies and went by McDonalds to use my coupon for a free strawberry/lemonade icy. Wasn't to impressed with it. Then I picked a late lunch of a free grilled chicken salad from Chick-fi-la with this month's calender coupon. It was regular $5.45 so I payed for my calender with this one coupon and have 11 more freebies !!!
Arriving home I saw what Hubbies plans were for the day, he was on the tractor in the pasture bush hogging.
I unloaded the van and sat outside for a while in the nice breeze. It has been a nice day, 82 degrees and all sunshine.
Hubbie finished and we had a snack supper since no one's here but us tonight.

Had another visit from this guy,you can see what he is doing to the boards above him in his search for carpenter bees.

This Gray Cat Bird was feasting on the insects on the fallen plums under this tree.

On my walk this afternoon I spotted this lone daisy.And had to practice my close-ups.

And also this freshly fallen Tulip Poplar blossom.

As I walked the smell of the freshly cut grass was intoxicating, it reminded me of our hay cutting days.While I walked the air changed , the nice breeze was gone and a still humid air took it's place. Some stray clouds moved into cover the setting sun,it would be nice to get some rain.By the time I got back to the house I was sweating and Hubbie was in the garden watering the plants and talking about how hot and sticky it got all of a sudden. Glad it wasn't just me !!
Daughter text me and her and her friends are sitting in the 2nd turn at the racetrack.
This is her first ever Nascar race so we'll see how she likes it tomorrow.
They have a hotel room within a mile of the track and were going to walk to and from the race. She is supposed to call when they get back to their room just so I'll know she made it safely.

Speaking of daughter back in the year 1991 in the month of May she was graduating from kindergarten.She is the one in the middle with long hair looking scared.Here she is with her teacher on the right, Mrs. Salatino and the assistant on the left Mrs. Lyda. These two are still teaching kindergarten together at the school daughter works in the office at. I need to go over there and have them take this same pose for comparison pic.

Worked on my blog book tonight while Hubbie watched the race that daughter is at.
She called and they were walking back to their room with fire works going off over their heads.

Thanking God for His blessings today and praying that He watch over daughter as she drives home early in the morning.
Good Night and God bless


Gail said...

What a wonderful day!

Which program did you say you were using for your blog book?

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Glad you were busy at the market today, Marilyn. Sounds like your daughter is having a great time at the races. Love that Kindergarten picture...

That Tulip Poplar blossom is so pretty... Love the colors and shape...

It was hot here also yesterday --but not as hot as it was in other places nearby. It helps to be up on the mountain...