Sunday, May 1, 2011


Sunday morning always has a peaceful beginning for me but this morning when I looked at the clock all the peacefulness was forgotten. I was 30 minutes behind what I usually am. Jumping out of bed ,putting cover-alls on over my PJ's to rush through chores and get ready for church.
I made it just as the rest of the family was entering the sanctuary,so no one suspected what a rush I had gotten ready in.
After church we had lunch with #1 son,g-son and daughter, #2 son is golfing and d-in-love is working. I went to the garden as soon as we got home and gathered fresh lettuce and onions for our first wilted lettuce of the season. We all love this so much, but we only have it when we have fresh lettuce and onions in the spring.
MMMMMMM !!! it was so good, going along with the grilled chicken breast, potatoes, frozen corn and sweet tea .
I am so thankful for the fresh food God provides for us from our land. We have so many different fruits and vegetables that we are able to grow with His help it is such a blessing.

The plum trees are extra loaded this year.
Our pear trees are also full of fruit. You can see the hail damage on these pears,I hope it doesn't cause them to rot.
We have a few peaches this year on the trees we planted last year.
My apples are coming along nicely,these were a little later than the pears so they may have escaped the hail damage.
I trellised my blackberry plants that I sat out last year, expecting berries this year.
Our Muscadine grapes are just barely getting started as they are our latest fruit.
My fresh potted herbs are blooming,time to make some chive blossom vinegar.
Have you ever eaten sage flowers? Try tossing a few into your next salad for a delicious surprise !

The weather was ideal today mid 70's ,partly cloudy and just right to be outside enjoying it.
This has been a quite lovely Sunday.
As I sit listening to the news tonight ,they are reporting that the head terrorist that led the 9/11 attack on America 10 years ago has been killed tonight. This comes with warnings of retaliation against America from his huge following of terrorist. I'm sure there will be more info in the coming days.

So glad tonight that God is in control.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Gail said...

We would be in better shape, if we allowed Him to stay in control.