Thursday, May 26, 2011


Woke by the ringing phone from a call inquiring about the bush hog Hubbie has for sale. It was kind of a suspicious call, as the caller apparently was confused about the size of the bush hog. He said it's a 5 foot right ,I said no it's 7 foot,then he said ,yea that's what I want. I told him to call back and talk to Hubbie.
After finishing the morning chores and recovering the older chick's box in case it rains before I get home I got loaded for market.
I noticed that there was no traffic on the streets of town on the way in and no traffic is the norm in here today.
I've been trying to import my book to my lap top but no luck. I'm bored to tears !
I have sold some so I am thankful for that and the day's not over yet. I've sold all the kale greens Hubbie picked last night except 1 bag.
I gave up on the computer and decided to crochet tops on a couple towels,at least I got some thing productive done !!
I must have brushed by some poison ivy with the side of my neck because I have 1/2 of my neck from adams apple to backbone that is broke out in bumps and itchy today. I put vitamin E oil on it this morning and hopefully that will cure the bumps quickly.
Another hot morning but already at noon the sky is filling with clouds. I'm hoping to beat the storms home,but I shut all the windows this morning just in case they beat me !!
Got all my errands done plus an Avon delivery and made it home with only cloudy skies.
Unloaded and got things put away,already see one thing I forgot in my attempt to buy for next week. I decided last week that shopping twice a week shouldn't be necessary.
So today a made a ghost list of what I thought I'd need next Thursday and bought for it.
On Saturday's it would be nice to get home earlier and have time to do other things.
It'll take me a week or two of trial and error to get it figured out I'm sure.

The skies grew very dark and threatening quickly this evening.In the back of the house.And the front it looked like the severe thunder storm warning was going to be warranted.
Hubbie and I rushed to get our evening chores done dodging the lightening .
Back inside we relaxed to watch the storm move in,crossing fingers and toes that we didn't get hail.
As quickly as the skies darken,after only a brief shower of much needed rain, the storms were gone. I have mixed emotions about that as we desperately need rain but we don't want the quarter size hail stones that some counties west of us got.
So we got what we got and I'm happy with that and thankful to God that we didn't get severe storms.
My neck is more broke out tonight and more itchy,oh joy, reminds me how much fun poison ivy can be !!!
I baked 6 caramel,3 chocolate,1pound and 2 blackberry wine cakes tonight.
I had thoughts of putting the baking off until tomorrow as I'm pooped out tonight but I knew if I did something would come up so I'm sitting here tying this at midnight waiting for the last cakes to come out of the oven.

God blesses each one of us in different ways each day and all He expects in return is love.
Good Night and God Bless

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