Sunday, May 15, 2011


After a stormy week this morning's clouds vanished during our service to cool bright sunshine as we drove home.
Visited with my cousin who's husband was chosen on the jury with me last Thursday and she said he served on the trial Friday,but it was over by 1:30. He said that it took until 4:30 Thursday to finally get 12 jurors seated.

Lunch was roast beef,green beans,potatoes,corn and wilted lettuce. As I gathered fresh lettuce from the garden I thought it we don't get rain soon this will probably be the last of the lettuce.
Everyone was here for lunch except d-in-love who was photographing a wedding.
After we ate we put Frontline on all the outside dogs and #2 son's dog.
Daughter had a Bible school teacher meeting, she asked me to be her assistant teacher for 1st graders.
#1 son,g-son,Hubbie and I made a trip to Sam's club to stock up on some groceries.
The temperature this evening is definitely different than it has been in a long time ,it is in the upper 50's with the wind making it feel even cooler. I put plastic over the wire on the brooder houses to help the mama hens keep their babies and eggs warm overnight.

The next weeks weather is actually closer to normal but after the heat wave we've had for the past couple weeks it is going to feel down right cold,especially at night. Guess we won't need our fans tonight !!

I don't want to complain about our weather here when there are so many people that have lost everything they had and so many that stand now to loose everything they have from the flooding Mississippi river. It doesn't seem fair that some one, other than God would get to choose who's house floods and who's doesn't but that is what is going on along the flooding rivers.
With record high water coming down the Mississippi officials decided to breach some of the levees to turn the water away from the highly populated towns. This will cause major flooding in other smaller towns and hundreds of acres of farm land will be under water for weeks. Numerous families have had to evacuate taking what they could with them,knowing that anything left behind won't be there when they get back.All this water is from the higher than normal snowfall and higher than normal rainfall earlier in the spring along the rivers in the middle of the country.

Sadly some of this flooding will be in the same areas that were damaged by the tornadoes last week.

God has blessed me unbelievably and I thank Him each and every day for His graciousness.

Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Yes I know... We shouldn't be complaining at all, should we. BUT---it was so cold here today that we had a fire going in the fireplace all day... GADS!!!!

My son came to visit and brought video of some of the tornado damage near him in Chattanooga, TN... Unbelievable!!!!

Have a good Monday, Marilyn.