Saturday, May 28, 2011


Up extra early to get to market before the crowds descend on main street's "Garden Jubilee" festival.
It was hard getting up earlier especially since my hip woke me up in the wee hours of the morning and I had to get the heating pad out before I finally went back to sleep.
Never the less I made it to market and found a parking spot near the door,got unloaded and set up with Hubbie helping. It was a busy morning.
Daughter came in about mid morning and helped the rest of the day. We sold a lot but still had some left.
I sent 2 cakes to church to the reception for the Pastor's 20 year anniversary with us. Another lady picked up a cake here later so I got rid of most of what we had left.
After market daughter and I headed up on the street to the festival.As I followed daughter along the hot street in the blazing sun and 85 degree temperatures it didn't take long until we had to make a trip to the cars to unload our arms.I love this picture with the mountains and clouds in the back ground.

Loved these "green" lanterns and chandeliers, daughter bought a small one but I didn't have a place to hang one.Liked these green ones best !!

This I did have to have one of , I am putting it in a flower bed just outside my sunroom and also #1 son can use it for a pattern to make some.

This was one the interesting booths, I thought these herb baskets were a great idea, they also had salad baskets full of all different types of lettuce.
Ever see a weeping cedar tree or a weeping white pine tree??? Now you have !!!!

A true record breaking flower !!!!!!

The back of daughter's jeep, and the back seat was full also !!!!
We had put all the curb market things in my van so it was full before we started shopping.
I thought this was a great festival, there were a lot of different vendors with unique things at very reasonable prices.
We had a great time just looking at all the plants and crafts.
We also bought some seed bead jewelery ,I'll take pictures of later and I got a CD of restful Indian flute music I can't wait to hear.

#1 son, g-son and Hubbie helped unload and then we all went to church to the Pastor's 20 year appreciation reception. The fellowship hall was packed with people there in his honor.Our Pastor is a wonderful,Godly man and has raised his kids in this community and been an active member of the community for 20 years. I feel our church has been truly blessed with such leadership.
And of course we are Baptist so there was food, lots of it so we had supper there and g-son had a great time playing with his friends.

We came home ,daughter went back to her dog sitting job and #1 son, g-son ,Hubbie and I sat outside and enjoyed a relaxing evening together.
Again tonight I'm blogging at 10:00 in hopes of an early bed time.
I am pooped tonight, between the heat and all the walking I feel like I could sleep for days !!
Truly feeling blessed tonight for this day and all the blessings in my life.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Looks like a great festival, Marilyn... Glad you got some 'treasures'... We are having a big outdoor craft show up here in the Glade this weekend. I'm not sure I'll get there --but we drove by today and it was PACKED...

Congrats to having a great Pastor for 20 yrs. It's hard to get someone to stay in churches very long (since many are working their way 'up' to a larger church) --so you are lucky...

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Sunday/Monday.

NCmountainwoman said...

I get tired every time I read about your busy days! Glad it was fun as well as busy.