Saturday, May 7, 2011


Market was pretty good on this before Mother's Day Saturday. It was another chilly morning making me glad I changed my mind about wear capri pants and opted for the long ones today.One of these soon days surely I'll get back into the shorter pants and sleeves.

It's been a timing jumble for everyone else this morning as #1 son had to be at the hospital at 8 this morning for a complete body CAT scan to check the alignment of his hips and shoulders with the damaged knee. D-in-love had to be at work at 11 so daughter was going to come home to watch g-son but couldn't make it out of Asheville in time so Hubbie hurried home after helping me get set up to get him.

Daughter came by the market for a minute then bro-in-law called for the second time today for some downloading help as he tries to get pictures from a CD and a memory card onto his computer to make Mother's Day gifts for his daughter and sis-in-law so daughter headed over to his house to see if she could help him out.

Just as well because it is 12:30 and market has suddenly became totally empty of customers.
An Avon customer came by to pick up her order and that is the only customer I've had in about an hour.
I have 1 order that hasn't been picked up yet.

In the news they are saying the price of gas is going to come down about .20, it is about $3.80 a gallon now ,more than a dollar higher than this time last year and they give the news of the .20 reduction as if it's some great sacrifice on someones part ! GIVE ME A BREAK !! As the oil companies boast of historic profits and people have to make the decision whether to buy gas or food ,don't tell me that politians aren't all in the control of these oil giants. The cost of all things has went up due to the price of fuel used to transport it and these prices won't be coming down.
As profit levels decline and people buy only the bare neccessities this economy will only worsen and another dpression isn't out of the question at all.
Okay I'll get off my soap box now !!!!

After market I went to 4 different stores trying to keep my prices down,luckily all these stores are on my way home.
G-son and Hubbie helped me unload and then Hubbie took off to finish bush hogging the pastures leaving g-son and me to spend some quite time together,hahahahaha, g-son does not know the meaning of quite time. Lucky for me he was hungry and I did get to sit and relax while he ate. His supper included 8 pieces of bacon and a waffle with some Hershey's kisses for dessert.
The rest of the family had BBQue and potato salad left over from the wedding last night.
A restaurant called Frankie Bones catered it and while not so impressed with the very greasy BBQue, the potato salad was out of this world delicious.
They had food planned for 77 people and only 50 showed up so there was a lot left over and the bride and groom are leaving in the morning at 3 am for their honeymoon.
Knowing we are never to proud for left overs daughter brought all the extra home along with some beautiful bouquets of sweet smelling roses and about 6 bags of marshmallows.
I'll have to look for some recipes to use them in. They were going to roast them but didn't.
As of this evening little red hen has 4 baby chicks and one that is just hatching.

My hip is aching tonight for some reason so I spent some time on the couch tonight. I decided to get up and finish this blog rather than go to sleep at 9:00 and then wake-up and not be able to sleep tonight.

To begin my May decade pictures I found only 1 photo that was dated May 1961.
This is me and my brother and our dog at the time.

Good Night and God Bless.

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