Thursday, May 5, 2011


Sitting here at market after a hurried morning it's nice to relax for a bit. With the added task of removing all the frost covers I was a few minutes late for market but I don't think that mattered on this non busy day.
The covers were needed as there was evidence of a light frost this morning. Hubbie said when he left for work at 5:30 it was 36 degrees. I still have my jacket on at almost noon but it is always cold in here. These old concrete block walls catch the cold and hold it and the heaters are not the greatest anyway.
It is a slow day but I took a couple orders before I got here that will make my day worth it.
I have caught up on reading my blogs this morning as I didn't have time last night to do anything but write my own. Now I think I will get my towels out and work awhile.

After making 2 towels and dealing with orders that were picked up I'm headed out to run my weekly banking and PO errands as well as picking up some baking supplies for Saturday.
I sold out of caramel cakes today so tonight and tomorrow will be busy again on this holiday week end.
This year Easter and Mother's day came very close together leaving me with a very short recovery period,whew!!

At home I unloaded and put things away just as Hubbie was coming in from work. I had to go to the vet's office to pick up eye drops for Dolly and on the way there was a strawberry farm, so Hubbie and I grabbed a few fresh berries as we went out the door for g-son's last ball game.Can you tell how glad everyone is that this season is over.
I know for sure g-son is glad as it was all we could do today to coax him into playing. He says he does not like baseball, maybe he'll change his mind when he gets old enough to comprehend what the game is all about or maybe not, only time will tell .
Back home we made a bucket garden again tonight as the temperatures are supposed to be about 38 but I don't trust it when it is that close.
The red silkie hen that is sitting has one chick hatched tonight,tomorrow is her 21st day.
The other dummy white silkie who started sitting about 5 days after the red one left her nest yesterday and I don't think she has been back on it. I felt the eggs tonight and unfortunately they were cold. I have no idea what caused her to abruptly stop sitting just before her 21 days were up. She maybe the youngest hen and maybe just isn't sure what to do, she'll get one more chance.
Hubbie trapped and is relocating a raccoon that has taken up residence in our barn. He saw him the other evening eating the cat's food and tonight he set out our live trap and caught him in just a few minutes . Early in the morning before daylight he will relocate the raccoon to a wooded area where there are no houses or barns close. This is the second coon we've relocated from our farm, we don't mind them if they stay on the creek or at the pond but when they decide to live inside the barn it's time for them to go.I hope if it is a she that she is carrying her babies with her and they are in the cage also in the morning.

Baked 6 caramel,3 coconut and 3 blackberry wine cakes and iced 6 caramels.
Whew !! I'm ready for bed.
God bless everyone tonight,don't forget to say your prayers.
Good Night .

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Gail said...

You have so much energy!!! I feel very lazy just reading about how much you do.