Monday, May 9, 2011


Monday starts a brand new week and as I looked at my to do list this morning it was blank for today.
While feeding the chickens I took the unhatched eggs out of the brooding house and heard a little peep as I put them in a bucket. As I examined the 3 eggs I found a little cracked diamond shape in one of the large eggs. I had good luck yesterday helping a cold chick finish getting out of his shell but this one hadn't even broken completely through the shell. I've heard all the sayings about not helping chicks out of their shells but I can't just give up on anything that is breathing.
I proceeded to crack away the shell and release the little gray feathered chick. Yesterday there was no blood in that shell but today there was quite a bit of blood so that lowered my hopes for the survival of this one. I set the box and heating pad back up and made more sugar water.

Here she is tonight as she sits on the warming pad. I was hoping to put her back with her family tonight but decided to wait until morning if she makes it so she will be stronger and I can keep a watch on her throughout the day.These Silkie moms usually don't mind taking more chicks but you never know when they might not.

I spent the morning doing yard work while Hubbie mowed the lawn.
At lunchtime #2 son came in to borrow the truck to go pick up some vinyl to side a shed at his house. #1 son came in with g-son from pre-school. They both made sandwiches for lunch and then headed out on their afternoon projects. G-son will stay with me while #1 son fixes a tire on the lawn mower and then goes to the doctor to get the results from his CT scan.
G-son and I stayed outside all afternoon on this beautiful day,highs close to 80 with all sunshine.
After his mom picked him up I took a walk around the pastures.As I walked I saw a black spot over in the neighbors field and thought it was a large crow. As I got close enough to look through my telephoto lens I discovered it had ears so I knew it wasn't a bird that was watching me.
I guess their not bad luck if they just sit and watch you !!!!

The Tulip Poplar trees are in bloom.

And this Rhodie finally decided to burst into full bloom this week.
Spent a relaxing evening ,forgot to put up my new spice rack tonight as planned.
Tomorrow is another day.

May is usually a busy month and as my decade pictures are going to show in the (---1) decades our family was especially busy with graduations and other major events.

In 1971 I was a junior in highschool. With only an average of 70 students in each class it was a small school. The top 8 juniors grade wise each year were chosen to be Marshals to the graduating senior class. I was one of the top 8 in my class so I was selected that year.
The night before graduation there was always a reception for the seniors and their families. Here my best friend Janet dips punch as I watch while we served at the event.
I remember positioning in this picture so you can see the back of my hair in the mirror.

This is the picture they took at school.
We were required to wear white dresses to all the events that we attended and I didn't have any white dresses and couldn't afford to buy one. With the help of my distant cousin who happened to be the home economics teacher at my high school I made both the dresses you see in these pictures. The one I wore to the reception was a breeze, a straight A-line dress with elastic around the neck and sleeves, no zippers or buttons. The long sleeve dress was more complicated with a collar and a back zipper, I kept these dresses for a long time just to remind me of how hard I had worked on them. By this time in my life I was pretty much on my own,if I wanted it I had to find a way to get it on my own.
I don't feel bad about how I was raised because it was what made me the self sufficient woman I am today.

I'm praying tonight that #1 son makes the decision that is the best for him as far as his knee is concerned,the doctor today gave him a couple options and 2 weeks to choose.
I told him this evening to spend those 2 weeks gathering information and praying.
After all God is the only one ultimately who will determine the outcome of his decision.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Hope your son makes the correct decision. I will pray for him... He has gone through SO much.

Love your white dresses... Yes, the hard knocks in life are what makes us the strong women we are...

Love your Rhody color. I want one that color so much!!!!

Hope the little chick makes it. Bless her heart.

Gail said...

Will be thinking of your son.

NCmountainwoman said...

I've also hear that you should not help an egg open...that the muscles used by the chick in breaking out of the shell are important to development. I'll keep your son in my thoughts.