Friday, May 20, 2011


Woke early to blaring sounds of sirens. It is a funny thing that we live a good ways off the road but when the sirens go by it always wakes me,maybe it's just intuition.
I slipped some shoes on and went outside to see what was going on down on the road. I can see now from my outside covered patio. The accident was on the other side of the bridge in the S curves, a car had rolled over but no one was badly injured,thankfully.
I crawled back into bed to warm my feet and dozed for a little while longer listening to the scanner about the accident.
After chores and breakfast I went to work at church. As I was leaving there was a deputy sheriff parked outside watching the church.
Tonight on the news I found out why ,11 churches in our county have been broken into by thieves who stole their TV's and computers. I guess he saw my van parked outside the church and wondered what was going on.

After lunch the skies were still cloudy and threatening rain any minute so I iced 12 caramel cakes while waiting on the promised sunshine.
Finally the warm sun broke through the clouds and blue sky appeared.
I walked and admired some blooms around my yard.

I planted this Kousa Dogwood tree in this spot close to my bird feeders because of the wonderful berries it provides for them in winter.
Sometimes called Japanese Dogwoods,these trees bloom later than traditional dogwoods and are a hardier,disease resistant dogwood tree.

This red climbing Rose has a long history with me.
I bought and planted this rose while I was single when I moved into the single wide trailer I bought. When Hubbie and I built this house I couldn't bare to leave it behind ,so we dug it up and moved it to our new house. That was in 1983, and it still blooms each year and smells heavenly as well.

We fixed a spaghetti supper tonight and all 3 kids and g-son came to eat,d-in-love is working. Hubbie put a new swing for g-son so after we ate he swung for a couple hours.
He felt kind of warm to me,I hope he isn't getting sick.
After the boys left,daughter did her baking and Hubbie and I went to finish work at church.
I have 2 chocolate cake and 1 coconut cake to ice before I get to bed. It is almost 11:30 and I finally get a turn back in the kitchen.

Praying for God's continued blessings and guidance for #1 son about his knee.

Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Sorry to hear about the thefts at churches. That is just horrible.

Sorry about the accident which woke you up. Glad nobody was hurt... Bad things happen in the middle of the night, don't they?

Neat history behind that climbing rose. It is gorgeous...

Have a great weekend.

Gail said...

Certain times of the year, sounds carry further here and we can hear the sirens from the highway. Thank goodness, that is not so all the time.

Your rose is like a few we have from the grandmother's of our family. We all got starts from the original plants and still have some today. I suspect the flowers from our ladies came to them the save way. A story always makes a plant more precious.

Ardith said...

Hi! Thanks so much for the info on my Kale! It is my favorite dark green veggie, so I'm happy to hear it will keep producing! Love your rose bush and dogwood tree. My Mom's favorite thing was dogwood as my little sister's grave was beneath one. Isn't it grand how God blesses us with memories and reminders?! Have a great weekend.
From Ardith in Green Country