Friday, May 13, 2011


Today is the only Friday the 13th in this year !!
With a busy Friday on tap I was out early to get the morning chores done. We still haven't gotten any rain but the skies are socked in with clouds this morning.
I set another of my white Silkie Hens today,she is steadfastly on those eggs and won't come off for anything. I carried her from the regular house to one of the brooding houses without her moving a muscle.
I went up to church to work earlier because of the funeral today and I don't know what time the funeral home will start bringing in things.
The pastor was there working on the remembrance folders.
He did a very nice job for this special lady.

I came home for a late lunch and then did a few little catch up jobs around here that were left on the to do list for the past week,now only 2 things remain with another day to get them done.

I cooked my corn and got ready to go serve the family a meal after the funeral. We usually set up during the funeral and graveside service and then they come in to eat,relax and fellowship with out of town family.
This was a small family and they acted like they really enjoyed the meal and getting to sit down with one another.
I got home around 5:30 and brought supper to Hubbie and #1 son as D-in-love is working tonight.
After we ate I moved some plants around outside while Hubbie planted the last of our vegetable plants in a raised bed below the house. Hopefully the rabbits won't eat them before we can get some wire around them.
Hubbie and I went back up to church tonight but the band that is giving a concert tomorrow night was there setting up so did a walk through ,picked up a few things, stepped out on the porch to come home and the rain was pouring down. We waited and it passed in just a minute and as we drove down the road toward home which is about 2 miles we noticed the wet pavement looked drier and drier and by the time we got to our house there had been only a light sprinkle that didn't even come through the trees.

This picture is called " Heaven's Spotlight" !!!I sat outside awhile tonight and enjoyed the cool breeze and night sounds for a while. I love living in the country !!

Back to reality and cake icing, I iced 6 caramel and 1 coconut tonight.
Whew !!! I will be so glad when tomorrow night gets here,this has been a busy week.
My feet hurt tonight and I'm headed for an early bedtime.

Thanking God for the blessings of today and asking for His comfort for the family today in dealing with their loss.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

HI Marilyn, We had rain off and on all day today --with more coming toward us tonight. I didn't get my deck furniture cleaned today like I had hoped...Don't know about tomorrow.

Fabulous picture (Heaven's Spotlight)....

Have a great weekend.