Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Early morning phone calls ,before I got up , the first for a cake order, then #1 son to remind me to pick up g-son,then the gravel delivery guy. Give me a break,I like leisurely relaxed mornings ! Got dressed and moved the car and van out of the front yard. Luckily we did not get much rain last night,not even a measurable amount in the gauge, but about midnight we did have a major thunder and lightening show here from a severe storm that passed by us and struck Rutherford County.
Where sadly the high winds blew a large tree down on this mobile home ,killing 2 twin sisters who were huddled together in fear.
They were 18 and getting ready to graduate high school. Please lift up this family in your prayers. I can not imagine the heart ache they are going through.

Each night when I go to sleep with storms in the area I wonder what sad news I'll wake up to. Seems this is an extremely bad year so far for weather related fatalities.

After I got the chores done and waited for the gravel to arrive I snapped these pictures.
Hubbie got the grass planted on the steep part and covered with hay last night.

After the gravel came and after #1 son came in this afternoon and smoothed it all up it was just what I wanted.At least tonight this is one less worry with the storms that are brewing again.

We also had gravel spread on our driveway as all the snow scraping in the last 2 winters had taken its tole on the gravel bed. I called a neighbor just up the road to do the gravel and he did a really nice job.

As for the rest of my day, I picked g-son up from pre-school and we spent the hot afternoon , 87 degrees, drinking cool drinks and alternating play from outside to inside to stay cool.
I am tired today, probably because of sleep loss from the late storm and early phone calls.
Again this evening the storm clouds boiled in the sky.
The blue sky disappeared quickly.

With noisy thunder and streaking lightening in the distance we only got a sprinkle of rain.
I'm don't dare complain, I'm just thankful the storms are going around us so far.

We watched Survivor on TV tonight, I'll be glad when this one is over and that will be Sunday night.
Daughter took her turn in the kitchen baking her cakes.
I have jury duty tomorrow but don't have to report until 1 pm so I'll just leave market early and walk across town to the courthouse.
I iced 6 caramel,4 chocolate and 2 coconut cakes tonight and wrapped and labeled .
I did the weekly paperwork and payed bills and checked my to do list for today. I came up short 1 thing yesterday and 2 today, maybe Friday can be a catch up day.

Praying tonight for the family of the killed twins, as a neighbor said, the only bright spot was that as close as they had been all their lives, at least they left this world the same way they came into it, together !

Good Night and God Bless


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Marilyn, I am so sorry... I will keep that family in my prayers. Mother Nature has hurt so many in so many ways the past few months.

Glad you got your gravel and have an area now where you can park your van... Neat!!!!

Hot here today... I power-washed our deck.


Gail said...

I cannot imagine experiencing the loss of two children...I hope I never know.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Luckily, that storm missed our area... Scary to get so close to you...

I am praying for the family of the twins who were killed.