Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Another cool morning, but the rain is apparently over,we got 1/2 inch in the rain gauge all day yesterday and last night.
After chores this morning I cleaned up my office where I had started to pile stuff in a corner again. I promised myself last winter that would not happen again so I did away with the pile this morning !
I cleaned floors and swept off the porches before lunch.
Wouldn't you know it just as I sat down to eat my salad the lady came after the Silkie pair I had advertised. She was a very nice lady and we talked and found we had a lot in common. I think they got a wonderful home.

As she left #1 son and g-son came in from pre-school. #1 son had a job to do so g-son was staying the afternoon with me.
I got another call and a man that had bought some chickens earlier in the year from me came and bought the large rooster I advertised. I was glad to sell him so I could let the younger rooster out of his separate pen.
While g-son played in his sandbox I moved the 2 month old chicks into another pen so I can clean out the one they were in and get ready for the little chicks from school. I hooked the light back up and everything is ready except I'll have to buy some shavings tomorrow for the floor of the brooder house.
I also cleaned out the 2 big hen houses and piled the manure in a compost bin to put on the garden next fall. Chicken manure is "hot" so it has to be aged before it can be used on any plants.
During all this cleaning I came across a very large fresh snake skin just outside the Silkie lot. That snake is large enough to eat a good sized chick. Most of the wire on my brooder houses is to small for a snake that size to crawl through. I am going to pick up some moth balls tomorrow and spread them around out of the reach of any animals to keep the snakes away hopefully.
I sat down with g-son this evening in the sunroom and watched the birds a while. He still looks for his "round headed cow birds" but today the Gold Finches stole the show.
As tired as I was this little beauty made me smile.

After #1 son picked up g-son Hubbie and I went to the garden and gathered kale greens, arugula and radishes for me to sell at market tomorrow.
I did weekly paperwork and payed bills while daughter did her baking, she also fixed supper for us while we were in the garden.
I iced 6 caramel, 2 chocolate and 2 coconut cakes tonight.
I'm very tired and sore from all the bending and stooping to clean the chicken pens tonight.

This is the man who says that the world as we know it ,is going to end Saturday May 21,2011.
Harold Camping is a 89 year old retired civil engineer who says Jesus Christ will return to earth Saturday to gather the faithful back to Heaven with Him.

My opinion....... The rapture may very well happen Saturday ,but if it does it will be the timing of Jesus Christ not of this man. No one that walks on this earth knows when Jesus Christ will return to earth.

I'm ready, be it Saturday or tomorrow, I'm looking forward to seeing the face of my gracious Savior .

Good Night and God Bless.


NCmountainwoman said...

Snake skins near the chicken house! Hope he moves along and gets the mice instead of your chicks.

Gail said...

Once we had a snake small enough to crawl through the chicken wire but after eating eggs, he could not crawl back out. His tale did not have a happy ending.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, You are right. Nobody on this earth knows when Jesus Christ will return... I usually dismiss that kind of crap --although, like you, I will be ready to meet my maker when the time comes.

Beautiful picture of a Goldfinch. They are so pretty this time of year. I saw a Red Headed Woodpecker yesterday for the first time in awhile. SO gorgeous.

Hope your chickens will be fine --away from snakes!!!! Yipes!