Tuesday, October 11, 2011


UUUUHHHH !!!!! Hard to get out of a nice warm bed this morning as the sound of a light rain adds to the comfort.
But farm animals require morning care so, I'm outta here.
Even the chickens were in no hurry to come out of their dry houses for their morning scratch feed snack. I had no trouble getting Sadie the dog into her daytime home as she eagerly went into her nice warm house to doze the day away after a night of protecting the farm.
Speaking of dogs, one of my blogger friends talked about her "little nipper" chewing on things as a puppy. Well I'm sorry to tell you Nezzy but puppydome last at least 2 years as evidenced by my Annie.

I assure you this is not my idea of proper placement for these pumpkins.

However Annie thinks they look wonderful like this.

She also doesn't think tooth marks will cause them to rot,hummm,maybe this is her smart way of not having to share the steps with these orange invaders !!!

With the steps clear she takes up her guard position as if she is proud of herself for clearing the steps.

And I, like my friend Nezzy, will sacrifice my pumpkin decorations and whatever else gets in Annie's way as I look into that soulful,loving face and just melt away into puppy love.
Laundry day is today and this is the first in a long time that I am not able to line dry my towels.
Between 5 loads of laundry I iced 12 caramel cakes and did housework on this rainy day.
Just as hubbie and I were finishing supper a couple state workers came to the door to ask some questions about the bridge on our road that is up for replacement soon.They wanted to know if we ever had water problems down there at the bridge ?????
And this picture was not taken during a very bad flood,but those are at least 5 foot fence post.
They said the replacement has been expedited because of the narrowness of that bridge. We told them each fall especially when all our apple farmer neighbors start hauling their apples out we pray they don't meet a school bus on the bridge because of the blind curve that prevents one from seeing the other until it would be to late to stop.
After chores hubbie went over to work at daughter's house. She is at Pisgah High School tonight with her volleyball team.
Having some alone time I downloaded 6 more months of blog post to turn into my 4th volume of blog books. This will catch me up until the end of this year.
After everyone got home I decided to ice 6 more caramel cakes to make more room for daughter to bake her things this week. She has 3 ballgames so she is on a tight schedule.
This has been a good getting back to regular routine day. I feel rested and revived from a week off.
Also met with the preacher today about the disrespect going on at church and he assured me he is addressing the situation. Only time will tell. He thinks it is a generational gap as to the viewing of a church sanctuary, our generation (preach is the same age as me) views it as a sacred place for communicating with God but this younger generation only views it as a building. I'm glad I raised my kids to think the way I do.
I checked the rain gauge at chore time this evening and found almost 1/2 inch in there but as darkess fell tonight the rain picked up and it has rained hard since then and is still raining at midnight.
Grateful to God tonight for blessing me as He always does and striving everyday harder to become that woman that when my feet hit the floor in the mornings the devil says "oh no she's up" !!!
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, I read Nezzie's blog post about her puppy... We all go through it IF we've ever had puppies!!!!

Hope they do get that bridge replaced soon..

Glad you met with your minister. He should address the situation for sure!

We finally got some rain today--not alot but some.. And we needed it.

Got any color over there yet?

NCmountainwoman said...

I suspect replacing the bridge will also cause a lot of headaches for you as you detour until it's done. I really worry when I see a bridge under water during flooding. You just know that causes it to be less safe because of the erosion from the water.