Thursday, October 27, 2011


Another early morning as I was up doing chores and wrapping and packing for market today. The temperature is cooler than expected this morning 38 but the sun is warming it up quickly.On the drive to market I noticed how empty the roads are already,or maybe it's that time already.
Market was pretty slow compared to the last couple Thursdays but I still had a decent day. Seems the customers warmed with the temperature.

After market I checked out a couple thrift shops for a white dress for my Halloween costume but came up empty,so a white sheet will do.
I ran my regular errands and stopped in a furniture store for daughter to see what they had. She'll have to check this one out as they do have some neat things.
As I pulled into Sav-Mor grocery I noticed this mountain with the last rays of the sun reflecting the colorful leaves.
As I finished my shopping and headed home it was almost 5:00 and I'm pooped !!
Hubbie was here and helped unload and get things put away then we had a small supper before chore time.
It was 72 degrees today when I left town but the temperature is dropping fast and tomorrow it will feel like winter with highs only in the 40's with wind and rain in the forecast.
To finish up my decade pictures for October I found these from 2001.Daughter helping with the feeding chores,loads up a roll of hay.Snowball waits patiently as the hay arrives.
All 3 of our kids learned to drive on a tractor.

I baked a big order of coconut cakes tonight with some pound and wine cakes for Saturday.
I've fought this picture upload thing until I'm very aggravated so I had better get away from the computer for a while !!

God is good all the time !!

Good Night and God Bless.

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