Sunday, October 16, 2011


October 16 will always be a very special day for me.
This one started out beautifully as I headed to church. Our pastor was sick today,said he thought he was getting the flu from getting his flu shot. He made it through a short sermon and then took off home leaving the associate pastor to conduct the rest of the service. He must have really felt bad because I've never seen him do that before and don't know that he has ever missed even part of a service because of sickness.
Back home we had a nice lunch of ham ( which has been in the oven all during church), mashed potatoes, fresh corn, canned green beans and of course sweet tea to wash it all down. Daughter headed off to a friends wedding in Haywood county.
After dropping a baby shower gift off and having a short visit at a baby shower at church I headed over to check out what was left at the estate sale 1/2 price day. Daughter had wanted a couple things but all the things she wanted were already gone except 1 trivet.
I bought a shepherd's hook to hang a plant or maybe another bird feeder on.
Made it back home in time to rest a few minutes before g-son's birthday party.
The party was at a local inflation station place and I was amazed at all the things inside to bounce and slide on.The biggest problem was what to play on first.

There was even an ice cream truck. This is the older women in g-son's life, his girlfriend Allie ,who is in 1st grade.

There was a huge crowd of well wishing family and friends.

Sliding......Eating pizza......Birthday monster cupcakes.........Made by one of d-in-love's friends who traded for pictures.........And lots and lots of presents .......
The makings of a perfect birthday.............


Yes October 16 is a special day for me as my first child was born in 1981 on this day.And my first grandchild was born on this date in 2006.Neither looked real thrilled to be out in the world at first !!
The years have been kind to hubbie and I as we've relied on God to help look after our three kids and now pray that He will do the same with g-son.

Last year I posted pictures of myself with both babies. Tonight here is hubbie with #1 son 30 years ago.And here he is tonight with g-son.
A little heavier and with different colored facial hair he is still the same loving father and pawpaw.
Another face makes October special in our family also.
This is my great nephew M.F. who turned one year old on October 4th while we were on vacation last week. He had late birthday presents to open tonight also.
Our weather is kind of crazy right now,although it is sunny the temperature this morning was 38 and this afternoon it was 81, wow what a difference a few hours make.
Tomorrow is supposed to be another 80 degree day but snow is in the forecast later in the week !!!
Thanking God for another wonderful day and the blessings of children and grandchildren.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Gail said...

You have a lot to celebrate. May your blessings continue.