Saturday, October 8, 2011


Uhhhhh!!!!! Travel day again so soon ????
Up extra early to pack the last minute items and head out and wouldn't you know after I had a granola bar and my regular hot cup of tea I got an upset stomach,yuck !
I forced myself through the finish packing chores and figured I was surely in for a loooonnng ride home. I had a few minutes before we left to lay down and this helped so thankfully I won't need a bucket .
#2 son and daughter left just before us after helping get everything loaded. Hubbie and I made stops at the realty to turn in the keys and at a seafood market for 5 lbs of fresh shrimp and some fresh flounder to go with the one I caught yesterday.
We got on the road at about 10:30,I still don't feel great but a lot better than I did about an hour ago.Thankfully traffic was fairly light and we made very good time only stopping once for gas and lunch at the same truck stop Hardees combo place at the 1/2 way point.
I only ate an order of fries and had a drink as I didn't want to upset my stomach again.
When we passed this Buffalo farm I knew we were getting close to home.It's a funny thing how good the first view of the mountains look when you've been gone just a week.I started noticing the leaves changing into their fall colors even before we started up the mountain.I noticed a lot of red this year,last year there was a lot of yellow, so we'll see if red continues to dominate this year.
We got home at 4:15 about 20 minutes behind #2 son and daughter who had went a different way than we did.
Daughter had already went to the local animal shelter to pick up her new dog.
When she got back she helped us unload everything and wash the bikes and beach chairs to be stored away until next year.
All the animals acted very glad to see me as I did evening chores. They were all well fed and happy thanks to sis-in-law.
After a quick snack supper and 3 loads of sheets and towels Hubbie and I headed up to church to work.
It is now almost midnight and I'm headed to bath and bed. Really looking forward to my own bed tonight.
Thankful to God tonight for blessing my family with safe travel today .
Good Night and God Bless.

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