Tuesday, October 4, 2011


For some reason I was awake at dawn this morning,or maybe a little before dawn. I stepped out on the deck to make a rare (for me ) sunrise picture but the sun wasn't up enough for there to be enough light for a photo so I came back in and layed down to wait a few minutes. Not a good idea, after a short nap, it wasn't sunrise anymore,it was sun rose ! Maybe tomorrow !!
I walked on the beach after breakfast then we all fished in the surf awhile. A much warmer day today.

This guy was doing some surf fishing also.

G-son was up to his fun antics again today.When we came across this dead shark that had washed up on the beach he was all mocho man until his aunt T picked it up,then he wanted nothing to do with it.
After lunch Hubbie,daughter ,g-son and I stayed behind and played in the pool while everyone else went to the store and to find some crab legs for dinner tonight.
This is my "I definitely need to go on a diet photo" !!!This house is beautifully landscaped with roses and some of them are peeking though the pool fencing.

Outside the fence on the road.

They got back with spaghetti fixins instead of crablegs because no one sells crab legs down here,not even the frozen ones in the grocery store.
We all decided to go over to the waterway and try our luck fishing this afternoon.
Daughter, d-in-love and I rode bikes 3 miles to the park where they wanted to fish.
D-in-love and I caught a Grooper each and #1 son caught something unidentifiable.

Another 3 mile ride,this time for daughter, #2 son and me. I wouldn't be overweight if I had a place to ride my bike at home because I love bike riding.
D-in-love had the spaghetti cooking by the time we arrived home and it was very good after that long ride.
#1 son is one determined fisherman !!!He hooked this unidentified fish in the back.

There was a beautiful sunset this evening,it looked like a hidden fire behind the row of houses on the next island.
G-son and I took Bernie and Dolly for a walk on the beach in the glow of the sunset.Daughter went with us and walked in the surf for some pretty pictures.Including this picture of #1 son fishing.
Got another good report on things at home around the farm from sis-in-law tonight. I am tired tonight but it is a good tired. Bernie and Dolly look like they share my tired feelings tonight.And someone else looks like they surely brought another exciting fun filled day to an end.Grateful for another wonderful fun and family filled day at the beach.
Good Night and God Bless.

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