Friday, October 21, 2011


BRRRRR!!!! The warm covers felt sooooo good this morning.
After chores I took a walk in the cool morning 42 degree temperatures. I spotted this stump and thought something had been eaten on it but when I got close I saw it was a shiny red colored fungus.
As I walked I noticed that a lot of the leaves have fallen off the trees before they reached their peak color this year.
The sky is so blue this morning with not one cloud to be found.
Spotted a dead raccoon on my walk and wondered what happened to him as he didn't appear to have been in a fight but had an open mouthed grimace with teeth showing.
Sometimes nature seems cruel. Just hope it didn't die of rabies. Annie never saw the raccoon and I was glad she never went near the area where it was.
Back at the house I noticed the temperature had went up 2 degrees while I walked.
I iced 6 caramel cakes and took a couple orders for tomorrow before lunch.
I went to work at church after lunch and thought I wasted my time because the contemporary church is having a dress rehearsal of a Halloween play tonight.
The sun was calling me when I got home in mid afternoon and the warm sunshine felt so good I even took a short nap out there.
With a freeze warning out tonight for the first time this year the rest was short as things need to be done.
I switched a little setting red silkie who began her set during out vacation and sis-in-law was afraid to get the eggs from under her. By the time we got home she was so protective of the eggs I gave in and let her sit. I had her in one of the regular brooder boxes but today moved her into the bigger one that has a window that closes for warmth and I can put a light in there if it gets too cold.
I covered the hen house windows with plastic for the winter.
Now I won't feel sorry for them when the cold winds blow.

The garden needed to be gleaned of produce before the freezing temperature.
The only thing I found was peppers, but plenty of them.The jalapeno, bell and cayenne pepper plants all seem to like fall better than they did the hot temperatures of the summer. Believe it or not all these cayenne peppers came from one huge plant. And I have been using off it all season and have a basket already dried in the garden shed,the plant looked like a small bush instead of a pepper plant.

I sighed an accomplished sigh as I brought these last baskets of 2011 garden vegetables into the kitchen this evening. It has been a good successful season and the benefits of it will be enjoyed when the cold snow blows this winter.

We are really having to keep a close watch on our farm animals and pets as we have spotted 2 coyotes on 2 different nights very close to our house and barns. Sadie stays loose at night to bark and keep them at bay but she is no bigger than the 2 we saw so they probably don't pay her much attention. As colder weather sets in and food becomes harder to find hopefully they won't find a way to get in the chicken houses.
I don't like to kill any animal but if I have to make a choice there isn't any doubt that the coyotes will die.
Daughter is baking tonight and I am blogging and getting a night off except for a couple coconut cakes to be iced when she finishes.
I worked on my blog book for a while tonight. I'm almost thru February of this year.
I am watching the news and icing coconut cakes. Then I'm headed for a little earlier bedtime.
So grateful tonight for the Love of God and all the things He provides for us.
Good Night and God Bless.

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