Saturday, October 22, 2011


Up and off to market early this morning. Daughter beat us there from a dog sitting job.
We got set up and stayed steadily busy all day. #1 son and g-son came by for a short visit about noon and g-son collected some Halloween items from some of the neighbors before they went on their way.
Daughter left also to meet up with her volleyball team for a late lunch before their play-off game at 4:00. They won the game and now will travel on Tuesday to play round 2 at Chase high school.
I came straight home from market so Hubbie and I could go over to the Agricultural Center in Fletcher to Fall Harvest Days. We love this event as we both like to look at all the old things that the vendors bring to sell.

Hubbie Likes the rustic old iron tools and things.

I like the old pottery,cans,jars and dishes.

You know me and my rooster fetish but it did not get fed today with this $200 wood carved rooster,no !!

And hubbie's fetish for old vehicles, uh, no, it did not get fed today either !!

There was plenty of old tractors on display.

Just like my dad's old WD45 .

Like an old Farmal hubbie used to have.

We visited with some friends for a while at their booth until closing time and then headed home.
At least this year we were able to carry out all we bought unlike last year when Hubbie had to drive the van inside to load it up.
These were our purchases plus a couple cast iron frying pans daughter wanted and a couple old metal wash pans I'm going to use under my plants.
This old small cream can was my special find, as I have been looking for 2 of these for over a year and haven't been able to find even 1 until today. Also the old enamel dish pan is something I've looked for quite a while so I'm happy tonight.
The Rogers serving spoon will be a nice addition to my collection of old silverware.
And as you can see my rooster fetish did get fed with the welcome plague !
We were going out to supper at J&S which was just up the road but there must have been an accident between us and there because traffic was backed up almost to the gates of the ag center so we went the other way and made our own supper from left overs when we got home.
Today has been another beautiful sunny day with temperatures in the lower 60's after a chilly 31 degree frosty start this morning.
Hubbie and I both had a relaxing evening alone with only our 4-legged kids for company.
Looking forward to celebrating the love of God tomorrow in church.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

What a wonderful way to spend a day!

Susie Swanson said...

It is beautiful here in the N.C. mountains. I love your pictures and blog and I'm your latest follower..Susie