Sunday, October 2, 2011


It always seems funny to me that I can't sleep longer on vacation mornings when there's no chores or anything else to do. I guess my internal clock is set on one time and that's when I wake up no matter where I'm at.It is always nice to get out on the beach early before anyone else gets up. I'm a shark tooth hunter and I found 3 really nice ones today as I walked.

G-son was already up because he fell off his bed early this morning. He went to walk on the beach with us in the cool early morning and he was playing chase with the waves until he fell down and one caught him then we had to come back and wash his wet clothes.
Even in wet clothes on this cool morning this jelly fish caught his attention.

We decided to go on a bike ride down to the pier while d-in-love worked on editing wedding pictures.
I was surprised at g-son who made it all the way on his own bike.

We walked out on the pier that was crowded with fishermen this morning to see what they were catching. No one was catching much,just a few small Spot.
The wind was blowing out there and it was really chilly so we didn't spend much time out there.
After we got back to the beach house we ate sandwiches for lunch and then went out to a bait shop to buy our fishing liscense and pick up some rod holders which we forgot at home.
So far we've discovered that we forgot the bucket with the rod holders and bait net in it and hubbie forgot any swim trunks.

On the beach for the afternoon some fished and one played in the ocean even in the chilly temperature. This boy loves the beach and water better than anyone I know.

The only way we convinced him to get out of the ocean was to let him get in the pool.Thank goodness for Aunt T ...

Daughter and I took the 4-legged kids for a long walk on the beach this afternoon.
Sopped these 2 guys on the beach and thought this was odd that pigeons would be on the beach.I watched them for a few minutes and they acted as out of place as I thought they looked. I wondered if they were a couple of homing pigeons that someone had turned out for a run. They were beautiful birds.

It hasn't been to nice today,I've had shorts and a t-shirt on all day and they felt good.
If the clouds hadn't been rolling past covering the sun at times it would have been quite warm.
No one really wanted to get ready to go out to eat tonight so daughter and I went down to the Seafood Barn restaurant and picked up dinner for everyone. We first went to a restaurant reccomended by a blogger friend but they were out of shrimp until more was being delivered. We will definitely have to go back there one night this week.
We ate,it was very good and there was a lot of it.

While I loaded the dishwasher hubbie and #1 son went exploring looking for a place to fish in the ICW, #2 son was watching TV, daughter and g-son got in the hot tub, d-in-love is still working on pictures.
I talked to sis-in-law who is at the farm watching over things and she said things were fine.

A wonderful relaxing,family day, ahhhhhhhhh!!!!

Grateful for the blessings of a wonderful family and the closness we share.
Good Night and God Bless.

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