Thursday, October 6, 2011


The bright sunshine coming in the window woke me this morning. As I leisurely lounged in a nice warm bed just thinking how fast this week has passed and how in just a couple more days I will be back to the farm and the chores. Oh well all good things must come to an end ,I'll just have to relish these 2 days I have left.Hubbie,daughter and I took an extra long bike ride this morning. I didn't know this island had hills on it and after climbing a couple on my bike my back was screaming in protest!
We rode all the way to the end which is a gated community but we had a pass from our realty.
We got a stearn talking too about what to do and what not to do by the lady at the gate house who takes her job way to seriously,especially when she is talking to adults !!
I took pictures of the waterway that runs between this island and Ocean Isle which is the next island down the coast.

You can see the sand bags under the houses over there trying to ward off the waves.We've been told by some local folks that Ocean Isle is the beach that looses the most sand of any in this area.
We passed by this very old house on the beach.We guessed it to be built maybe in the 50's,and amazingly even without being built on poles it has withstood all the hurricanes and flooding. No one lives here now but through an open window we could see a made up bed inside as if someone had just left this morning.In this photo you can see the difference in building allowances from then until now. I wonder who owns this little house??
On the ride back 3 deer crossed the road just in front of me. Too bad I can't ride a bike and take photos at the same time.I got a call from g-son wanting to know when we were coming back and when we got back to the beach house he was ready to hit the beach.

He and daddy built a fort with a moat that they worked hard to carry enough water to fill.
He had a blast playing with dad on the beach and in the ocean waves.Unlike last year when dad couldn't even get in the ocean because of his leg injury.After a quick lunch break it was back to the beach for some shell hunting.
Showing dad a special find.
We stayed on the beach just sitting and relaxing today for a couple hours until we all thought we had had enough sun.All the guys except g-son decided to look for a new fishing hole, so us girls and g-son went shopping.
We went to several beach shops and then found a really good ice cream place. We all ate more than our share and g-son even shared his with one of the cats that were hanging around this little shopping complex.

G-on wanted to take some pictures and he took this one of his mom.

We all met back at the house to get ready to go out to eat. At least the guys had caught several fish even if they were undersized.We went to a place called Betty's Waterfront Seafood, recommended by a fellow blogger,thanks Glenda.

It was on the ICW and daughter ,g-son and I had to have a few pictures while we waited on our food.Oh how he loves his aunt T !!!!!

I had the blackened shrimp dish and it was one of the best shrimp dishes I've ever had.#2 son and daughter had surf and turf with steak and shrimp and they said it was very good, d-in-love had chicken fettucini and she enjoyed it. The only ones who didn't think their's was so good was #1 son and hubbie who had huge fried seafood platters. I don't eat fried food so I can't relate to what they were complaining about. All I know is mine was delicious.
As we left g-son had to pose with the giant shrimp outside the restaurant,I'm surprised these pictures came out so well in the dark.
Tonight was a movie night and a just relaxing time for everyone. G-son got him a movie but only lasted about 5 minutes into it,bless his tired little heart.This sunset picture was made from the restaurant looking at the high bridge that goes over to the island.

Another amazingly beautiful day filled with the blessings from God.
Good Night and God Bless.

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