Friday, October 14, 2011


Woke to a gorgeous fall day,bright sunshine,just right temperature,I just had to put off my busy day for a while and take a walk this morning after chores to soak it all in.
Why do I love fall???
Colorful padded walkways.

Colors seem brighter .

Flower blooms hanging on against a browning background.

Maple helicopters awaiting the exact moment to go spinning away to find that perfect landing spot.
A clear blue cloudless sky. Ever wonder if the people in an airplane can see you aiming a camera at them ??

A prospectors paradise as these gold leaves sparkle like gold nuggets beneath the water.
Colorful reflections.
Our leaves haven't gotten to their peak in color yet,but I took a few photos this morning anyway just in case the high winds we are supposed to get later today blow them off the trees.
After my soul soothing walk I iced caramel cakes until lunch. I took another 3 cake order this morning.
After lunch I worked at church for a while. I could hear the wind getting stronger and stronger as it rattled the large windows in the sanctuary.
I came home iced more caramel cakes then went to check out the estate sale we always go to. I'm looking for some large cabinets that I can store my baking supplies in downstairs. I didn't see any cabinets and very little else that interested me. I did find another nativity set and a couple Christmas items.
Hubbie had stopped at Sub Way on his way home and picked us up a $5 sub for supper.
After we ate we headed back up to church to finish work there before darkness falls.
Back home we got our chores done in the daylight. The wind has died down and the temperature is cooling off fast,it is supposed to be in the 30's by morning.
Daughter came in and is doing her baking before I finish my icing. Then we will box up some orders tonight. We have over 30 cakes ordered. Mostly folks who are leaving for the winter and want some for their freezers.
Well it's after midnight and I'm just finishing up,whew!!
Thanking God for the blessings of today.
Good Night and God Bless

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