Monday, October 31, 2011


Halloween day here started off very cool 30 degrees with another heavy frost on the pumpkins around here.
G-son was here bright and early as usual and was all dressed and ready for a change. His dad said he was up before him getting ready for school, he loves going and today was a special day.
I did morning chores as hubbie took him to pre-kindergarten.,brrr, there is a thicker skim of ice today.
Mrs. Red Silkie has hatched 4 out of the 6 eggs she had during this cold spell and they seem to be doing fine in this box sealed away from the wind with mama's warmth.One of each different color are so cute and closely watched by mom.
The morning was spent cleaning out the van from last night and putting everything away, I also put in a small Avon order while hubbie unhooked and greased the bush hog for winter. He hooked up the wood hauler.
When we picked g-son up we made a stop at Tractor Supply and Sam's on the way home.
The temperature stayed around 60 degrees all day with the sun trying it's best to warm things a little but the wind countered it's attempts.
Hubbie got on the roof and blowed all the leaves out of the gutters but there isn't really enough on the ground yet to rake.
For some reason they are hanging onto the trees longer this year than usual. Hope they do fall off before it snows here like it did up north.
G-son wanted to swing for a while and I painted a plate hanger black to match my other hangers.
Mom came shortly to pick him up to go trick or treating more down where other grandparents live.
Hubbie went over to daughter's to work and I caught up some loose ends around here such as changed the water in the beta fish bowl,filled all the bird feeders,started working on my Operation Christmas Child boxes along with regular chores.

A beautiful sunset on this Halloween eve.
Just as the sunset there was a terrible accident just up the road. Someone was hit as they walked along the road. The MAMA helicopter was called and landed in a field that hubbie bush hogs for the neighbor. D-in-love was very close to the accident scene but couldn't tell anything about who got hit. The 4 black males in the car ran into the ditch afterwards jumped from the car and ran but thankfully just as the sheriffs deputies began a search they returned to the accident scene. I was afraid they might be hiding in our barn. Praying for the victim tonight no matter who it was.

Got out the cords and turned on all my lights,ready for any trick or treaters that might come this far out.But only had one who got to take home a huge bag of candy.
He was kind of shy and tried to hide behind his mom.But had to laugh at a tickle from his aunt.He sported another super hero costume tonight called the Green Mile.
They left and I came inside to get warm as the temperature is dropping quickly without the sun's warmth.
I baked 46 layers tonight,the pound and wine cakes will have to wait until in the morning. Looking for business to really slow down with the end of the month and the cooler weather.
This picture of tonight's moon brings to an end this month of October. Click on this photo to see the craters in the moon's surface.(love my new camera)

A beautiful month both visually and in every other way as I have enjoyed creations as well as the creator all month long.

Enjoyed my family for a week's vacation at Holden Beach,NC at the beginning of the month.Enjoyed the beautiful fall colors this year.

Enjoyed all the birthday's this month, my great nephew M.was 1 on the 4th.
G-son was 5 on the 16th.
#1 son was the big 30 on the 16th.
I enjoyed the bountiful late garden harvest.
Enjoyed the festivals of the fall season this month.
Enjoyed a very busy market season.

Ended the month with a church activity to help bring the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ to our local community.Whew !!!! What a wonderfully busy month and I must say I've enjoyed every minute of it, well almost, except for the one day I was sick.
Looking forward to what God has in store for me in the month of November.
Good Night and God Bless.

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NCmountainwoman said...

I love those little chickens! Each one is so different.