Monday, October 10, 2011


G-son was here early,Hubbie was just getting up when he arrived all bright eyed and ready to go. He is always worried that he is going to be late for preschool and insist on an early start.
I did the chores on this cloudy ,cool morning and felt a little sprinkle of rain. I heard the sound of a hay rake early today at the neighbor's field,I guess they are getting an early start trying to beat the rain. I have a feeling they better hurry ! I don't miss those days at all !!!
After chores and a few more loose ends caught up from last week hubbie and I headed out for my baking supplies and chicken feed before picking up g-son.
I picked up my Avon order at my friends house and then stopped by Sam's Club for some milk and a piece of pizza for g-son.
When we got unloaded and g-son settled Hubbie and #2 son, (who has the day off because it is Columbus day with no mail) went over to daughter's house to put the quarter round down around her new floor.
She has one of her extra bedroom's finished so she has taken several things over and stored them in this room.She came by after volleyball to get another load.
G-son and I read Bob the Builder books this afternoon as we waited for mom to get off work.
After he left I enjoyed the quiet peacefulness of an empty house,which I haven't had in over a week.
It has been a nasty day,not really raining but misty and cloudy with temperatures in the mid 60's.

What better dinner on a cool fall evening than a big pan of cabbage seasoned with bacon.
I had this and a bow tie pasta dish ready to eat when hubbie and daughter got home.
After chores I started baking my cakes as I have already taken 2 large orders for this week end.
I baked 60 layers , 3 pound cakes and 2 wine cakes tonight.
It is 11:00 and I'm waiting on the last oven full while listening to the news.
Even with the rainy yuckiness of days like today there is beauty.God created this beauty in our world to brighten even a rainy day, I am surely thankful.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Yes---vacations are wonderful--but when we get home, it's 'back to the grind'...

Your cooked cabbage sounds wonderful...

You all have had SO much more rain than we have. We've had very little rain since the end of June.. Had a bunch on one day --but none since.... We really need the rain here.


Ardith said...

There is nothing much better than cooked cabbage. I like to "fry-steam" mine with some onion and bacon. Yummo! Thanks for stopping by my blog - you could see my chicken was on the beer can cooker rack - I just didn't have a beer! or even a soda! :) It was a teatotalling chicken! Take care and God bless!