Thursday, October 20, 2011


I looked like the great pumpkin this morning at market !!!!At least my neighbor thought so as she snapped this photo while I chatted with a customer.

Today started with a cool morning ,not as cool as predicted but 37 is still cool compared to the summer like days we've just enjoyed. And for the higher elevations it not only felt like winter it looked like winter with everything covered in rhime ice.
These photos are from the local paper.
Market was busy today as there were people waiting for me when I arrived. Took several orders for Saturday and even next Saturday.
After lunch things slowed a bit and I crochet tops on some towels between customers. Had a couple customers come to pick up their Avon.
After market along with my regular errands I delivered 2 Avon orders and stopped at Walgreens for a photo order for our associate pastor of him cutting down a tree at our place last year.
I got home around 5:30, time to unload and barely get things put away before chore time.
Hubbie fixed some chilli for supper and it hit the spot on this cool evening. The high today was 55 and it is already 44 at 11:00 and supposed to freeze in the neighboring counties tonight. I hope Jack Frost knows where the county lines are !!
The wind makes it feel much colder than it is and I felt sorry for all the chickens huddled together in their houses tonight with the open wire windows. I will have to get the plastic over the windows soon.
Hubbie and I rested tonight while daughter made 3 pumpkin rolls for orders Saturday. I got started with my baking a little after 9 pm so I'm still waiting for my last cakes to come out of the oven at 11:30.
Grateful to God tonight for staying beside me and guiding me in my walk with Him.
Good Night and God Bless.

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NCmountainwoman said...

When I saw the rime ice I wondered how many of the leaf tourists were prepared for that kind of weather. Have a good weekend.