Saturday, October 1, 2011


Well we woke to 43 degree temperature this morning as predicted and the wind was still blowing steadily making it feel much colder. NO T-shirts and capris today !!!After chores I was off to market with Hubbie following. Today is the start of our long awaited vacation at the beach so daughter and #2 son left about 9:00.
When Hubbie came into market shaking his head I knew something was up.

Daughter and I had switched vehicles so they could drive the van to the beach house and help haul our stuff plus the air conditioner in her jeep has been acting up. Any who , her and son had stopped at a produce stand of a friend of hers to pick up some produce to take with them and she threw the van keys on the seat and shut the door and it locked. So she had called hubbie to come bring the other keys and unlock it. Not the early start they were hoping for !

#1 son and d-in-love are driving up from Charleston,SC this evening as she had a wedding to photograph yesterday. The bride had paid for them to stay 1 night at a hotel near her wedding site,so they spent today exploring and shopping around down there.

We are staying on Holden Beach this year because I found a very nice house with everything I wanted even a heated pool. The house was right on the beach,has 5 bedrooms,5 bathrooms, a hot tub,game room and the pool and it had a special rental price for the week we wanted to go.
We have never stayed on this beach before so we'll have a new place to explore for the week.

I sold out at market by 12:30,so I closed up and headed home for an early start. Hubbie had worked all morning getting things ready and when I got home we unloaded daughter's jeep and I filled all the bird feeders, chicken feeders and waterers and we finished loading the truck and we left at 2:45 which is a record for us I think.
Traffic was fairly light and the sky was a beautiful fall blue with a few drifting clouds hanging around.We passed by many cotton fields that were ready to be gathered in. The song that goes "in those old cotton fields back home" rattled around my head for most of the trip.

Bernie and Dolly are troopers when it comes to riding on these long trips. I think they know it is definitely better than the alternative of being left behind.

As we drove I watched the sunset in a blaze of colorful skies and watched the sliver of a moon follow along side us as we headed east.

We were the last ones to arrive at the house about 9:00 and everyone helped unload to make quick work of it so we all could relax after a long day of driving for all of us.

It's a very nice roomy house and I'll make pics tomorrow.
We saw 2 deer on the way down,unfortunately 1 of them was dead on the side of the road,we think hit by the truck in front of us,that was too close !! The other one ran across the street just up from our rental house,it was a large buck with nice horns.
The eastern part of our state we know is loaded with deer and we always worry about hitting one while driving at night.

Thank the gracious Lord we all got here safe and sound for a relaxing week of beach fun.
The temperature doesn't feel too much like beach fun tonight in the mid 40's but it is supposed to warm up as the week goes on.
G--son is wound up as usual when we all are in the same house, he is practically climbing the walls!!!

I had to laugh tonight as one by one the kids went to bed before hubbie and I , a sure sign they are getting older.
I am sitting here on my bed typing this as I listen to the ocean waves roaring in. I'm sure I will sleep well tonight with mother nature's relaxation program.

Grateful to God tonight for presiding over safe travel for my family tonight and pray that He be with us thoughtout the week as we reconnect with each other.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Peggy said...

Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful relaxing week! You are about a hour and half from me. Have been to Holden Beach several times so know how beautiful and peaceful it can be. Can't wait to see pictures!