Saturday, October 15, 2011


Up and out early for a busy day at market. Hubbie had to stay until almost noon to help me with all the customers and orders to carry. I am so thankful for the amount of business I had today. The weather was beautiful,almost hot as temperatures under sunny skies rose into the 70's.
After market I checked out the craft show on Depot Street. I like this little festival because the vendors are unique and by the time I get there the crowds are pretty low so I can shop leisurely.This old train engine looked ready to pull out of the station. No trains have used these tracks for years,there has been talk in recent years of bringing back the trains but so far it's just talk.The T-shirts they were selling had 1879 as the date this depot was built.

I remember the trains running through here during my younger years. I never rode one but now wish I had.

The tents were necessary today to provide shade from the bright sunshine,just look at that clear blue fall sky!

Saw some uuuummmm, very interesting things ??????

Notice the old brick street in front of these can witches.

This walking stick was $110. The guy said he was offered $100 for the wood before he did anything to it, I think he should have taken that $100 !!!

These would have to be used for decoration only as you would stick these tusk in your hand if you used them as walking sticks! But I loved this guys visions for these sticks of wood.
Saw some beautiful pottery.

Nice woven sea grass baskets.

I thought these braclets were just charming.

Wood spirit carvings were really pretty.

When I saw this I had to smile as this looks so much like my small tree at Christmas with all homemade ornaments.This guy will move from that tree to my tree this year as he came home with me along with a couple cloth yoyo angels I actually bought for a pattern to make some to sell at market.This was my favorite santa, he was about 3 foot tall but with a price tag of $350 he is staying with his friends.

I did actually buy a small handmade baby quilt for a girl at church who is having a baby boy and her shower is tomorrow.
I'm wishing now I had gotten a couple other things but oh well there is always next year!
I stopped by a friend's fruit stand where she still had fresh corn.Love to go by her place just to look at her decorations as she has a flair for decorating.
Had a nice visit and got some of the last corn of the season for lunch tomorrow.
I unloaded and got things put away by myself as Hubbie and daughter are at her house painting this afternoon.
A neighbor gave me a beautiful mum today at market and it fit perfectly between my pumpkins in our horseshoe log holder.
It adds just the right touch to my front porch decorations.
This has been another absolutely gorgeous day as I sit outside and watch the cattle graze in the setting sunlight I thank my Lord for the wonderful world He provides for us.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Yes---it was a beautiful day!!! We had gone to the Smokies on Friday --and I asked hubby yesterday if he can only imagine the amount of traffic is up there then.... He said "ALOT"... And I'm sure there was... It's the peak of leaf season in the Smokies and with such a beautiful day, I'll bet the roads were crowded.

Great photos.. Looks like a great day in H'ville, NC...Love seeing the homemade Christmas ornaments.


NCmountainwoman said...

What a fun time. I cannot imagine paying $100 for the walking stick. We each use trekking poles when we hike and they are far superior to wood.

Gail said...

Many talented artists at this festival.