Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Woke to a rainy ,dreary morning. As I did the chores and looked out over the mountains that yesterday were covered with colorful fall leaves, today they are covered with fog and rain clouds.
After icing cakes this morning I caught up my September paperwork and caught up my September and beach picture downloads. I feel accomplished now and officially in the month of October,about time huh !!
After lunch I did housework and searched for October decade pictures as I put some things away and made room to move some plants inside.
Finally about 3:00 it stopped raining, we got more than 3/4 inch since last night.
I went outside to sweep the leaves off the porches and clean up some plants that are too tender to take a chance with the cold weather that is going to start tonight.This Christmas cactus the kids gave me as an anniversary present several years ago is already budding and will burst into bloom now since I moved it inside.

This Aloe plant needs to be repotted in the spring. You can see why I've had so much trouble getting out of September,the calendar still needs turning,haha!!!

My Crown of Thorns has bloomed right through all the cooler weather so far. But constant low to mid 30's would kill it.

This Caladium is still so pretty.

This is the 2nd year for this fern, I brought 2 in last year and they both lived through the winter but were really messy dropping leaves so this year I am only bringing 1 in as the other one already is dropping leaves and turning brown.

This Citronella plant is in it's second year also. I re-potted 2 smaller ones I bought this spring into the same pot in hopes that they will get as big as this one.

These large plants found a temporary home just inside the front door. They along with some of the others will go downstairs when daughter moves out into her new house.
More less tender plants will be moved later into my cold frame green house but they need some cooler weather on them to start their dormant season.

Speaking of daughter's house, the painting is almost done, just the bathrooms to be done. The floor trim is done except 2 doorways and we are waiting for the T-mold to go there that they have ordered. Still a lot of other little things to be taken care of but getting closer each day.
She and hubbie went over tonight and worked for a short while before she had to come home and do her baking.
Her volley ball team is in the state play-offs starting Saturday so she will stay busy with that for a while longer.
I iced more caramel and chocolate cakes while they were gone and then spent the evening marred in more paperwork and bill paying for this week.

In my search for decade pics this morning I found one picture marked October 1961.This is me with my 2 brothers. Judging from our clothes it must have been a warm October that year.

I can hear the wind whipping outside tonight and it is now 43 degrees at 11:30.
I have one more coconut cake to ice and I'm off to bath and bed.

Grateful to God for the rain as it keeps the dry leaves from becoming fire tender.
Thankful for my blessings of today.
Good Night and God Bless.

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NCmountainwoman said...

What few leaves the rain didn't get will surely fly away in this wind. Felt downright chilly this morning.