Saturday, May 26, 2012


WHEW!!! Another hot day on tap by the feel of the sun and air at 8am as I hurry through chores to get ready for market.
Made it to market a few minutes late and there were several customers waiting. It's so hectic when that happens but I'm glad for the business. We finally got everyone what they wanted and then finished setting up.
#1 son brought g-son by and left him so he and hubbie could work on his deck today without interruptions.
G-son loves market and made a new friend right away today at a neighbor's table.
Jake just turned 3 years old and g-son was talking to him a mile a minute while he just took it all in with a smirk.
Daughter came and took g-son to Yogurt World and brought back a veggie wrap for her's and my lunch.
He is serious about his yogurt filled with M&M's and Skittles !!!

After market  the three of us headed up on Main street to check out this year's Garden Jubilee.
The heat of the day contributed to the not so crowded streets I'm sure,but we were lucky enough to have some cloud cover by the time we got there.
This cougar fountain is in one of the planters on the street.
G-son did not want to take time to stop for pictures ! Can you tell,haha !!!!
Even when he asked for pictures to be made he wouldn't smile.
We saw violin playing chickens.....
And lots of giant insects......
And finally we found what he was looking for. He saw a little boy carrying one of these when we were on the other end of the street and searched every booth for them until we finally found them.Can you tell he is happy, he's smiling now !!!!
And now we rest those little legs and have some fries dipped in ranch dressing,yummy !!!
While we rested daughter walked back and got her jeep. She had bought a long old chicken feeder  and she had to bring her jeep up to load it so g-son and I got a ride back to our van.

I will take some pics of the things I bought later. The plants weren't good prices this year so we didn't get very many of them but we did find some other interesting things.
One plant I will show you tonight is this Venus Fly Trap. I've always wanted one of these so today was the day I got one !!

On the way home g-son and I stopped at Aldi and Walmart to pick up baking supplies for next Thursday. With g-son's pre-school over I probably won't be back in town until Thursday after market.
When we got home and unloaded we walked over to check out the new deck at his house. They got the framing up tonight and will go get decking boards Monday morning and hopefully get it finished.
I left everyone there and came home to the evening chores and a snack supper to replenish my energy level a bit .
The bird feeders were empty again so I filled them all up and put out suet cakes for all the young birds that are enjoying them.
My knees are telling me tonight just how much walking on pavement I did today. Funny how I walk around our farm all the time but when I walk on pavement or cement  it is a different story of painful knees and feet.
On a weather note tonight after our lovely day even with the clouds passing over we stayed dry. But the second named tropical system in the Atlantic may cause trouble for us later if  it continues the northerly turn they are predicting .
A second named system and we aren't out of the month of May yet,wow !!
Thanking God for a wonderful day and a safe work day for hubbie and son.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

Sounds like a wonderfully successful and fun day.

Have a great weekend.

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