Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Hard rain overnight left 1 1/2 " of rain in the gauge this morning. It was still cloudy when I was doing chores but the rain had moved out. Plenty of mud though !!
After breakfast I did an inside walking video, just to change things up a bit and to avoid wading through the wet grass outside.
I carried laundry downstairs and then headed out early to pick up baking supplies before getting g-son. I only needed to stop at Sav Mor today.
We came home and after lunch I did laundry and dusted the house while g-son dug out some more old toys he hasn't played with in a long time to keep him occupied.
The clouds hung around all day so we just stayed inside for the afternoon.
His mom picked him up about 5 so they could get ready to go to Shelby for an early family Mother's day with her dad's family.
I sold 2 pairs of Silkies today that I listed on Craigslist last night and am selling another pair tomorrow to a lady just up the road.
As I did the evening chores the thunder storm started and had to run back to the house to keep from getting soaked. Hubbie was running in from the barn at the same time.
We had just watched the weather on the news and they made no mention of a storm in our area.
The thunder and lightning wasn't too bad and there was no hail but the rain, lordy,lordy did it ever rain.
I've never seen that much water running over our yard. It rained almost 3" in less than 30 minutes.
It was raining so hard you could not see anything outside but a river of muddy water coming across the lawn.
And in the front yard we have a river.
These photos were taken after the rain had slacked up quite a bit.

This left about foot deep ditch across the yard.
As the rain turned to a drizzle I reluctantly walked down the driveway to get the mail. To my surprise  there wasn't to much damage.

After getting the mail I checked out the garden that we tilled yesterday and hoped that there was some soil left up there !!

Looks like the new seed got a good watering !!

Be careful what you wish for, you might just get more than you wish for !!!
I was reminded of wishing for rain last night !!!!
The rain moved back in after I took these pics and stayed for about another hour although not as hard.

Yeah !!!  North Carolina voters passed the marriage amendment on the ballot stating that the only marriage recognized in the state will be between a man and woman.
Hubbie and I voted early and I hope everyone in NC got out and exercised your right to vote today.

God has a plan for each of us if only we open our hearts and invite Him in !
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Congrats to NC for standing up for marriage.... Hope more states do that!

We are having a marvelous time at Ocean Isle Beach... The weather here has been great. We did have some rain late this afternoon --but tomorrow is supposed to be great...