Monday, May 21, 2012


A beautiful sunny Monday morning greeted us early this morning as g-son arrived around 7:45  so mom could go to work at church earlier so she could get to a job interview by 1:00.
Hubbie took him to pre-school while I did chores and got breakfast.
I took a walk in the lower pasture this morning even though I needed my waterproof hiking boots to slosh through the water still standing in the low places around the pond.
The pond is fuller than it has been in a long time and makes me wish we'd have gotten it cleaned out.
The grass is really tall and is starting to head. Hopefully the young man who wants to cut it for hay will get to it before a flood ruins it.
The bright white Daisys and the yellow Buttercups made me smile as I thought of how wonderful it was to live in the country where these are a part of each day's beautiful blessings.

We left early to make a feed pick up at Tractor Supply on the way to get g-son.
When we got to the school we found them and their teachers in a huge water fight !!
They each had 2 large syringes to fill with cold water and then the battles began.
There were the chases .....
The sneak attacks.....
And the payback !!!!!
 A soaking wet ,tired, very happy little boy who couldn't stop talking about how much fun he had today as we got him into some dry clothes for the ride home.
I'm glad it was a perfect day for outside water play. With only 2 more days of pre-school it will be hard to top the fun of today.

After lunch g-son rested to get ready for his swimming and karate lessons this afternoon. I pulled weeds for the chickens from my blackberry patch and herb beds.
Mom picked him up after her interview and they headed to swimming lessons.
Hubbie and I went to work in our garden, we put up the orange erosion fabric we use for our beans to climb on and planted a second planting of green beans. I replanted my okra that didn't make it through the heavy rains that came just after we planted it the first time. I also planted pumpkins today.
We still have some empty space for later plantings of other vegies.
The clouds got dark and the thunder was booming in the distance but we escaped the storms today with just a spattering of rain drops.
I spiked all my potted plants this evening, spiked them with Miracle grow fertilizer spikes that is.
I also moved the last of them outside for the summer.
After gathering fresh lettuce, radishes,kale and onions from the garden I put them together for a delicious salad for supper.
I finished my "Heaven is Here" book while watching darkness come out in the sunroom tonight.
I am blogging early tonight and am heading to bed earlier to try and catch up on the last 2 nights of lost sleep.
We haven't heard any news from hubbie's cousin Connie today so I imagine they are still in the torcherous  waiting mode at the hospital. Keep them lifted up in prayer as they deal in their own ways with this loss.
I am grateful to God each day for His gracious blessings for me and my family.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Well----we got lots of rain tonight --but nothing serious. I assume that the rain is headed your way!!!!

We are off to the Smokies tomorrow to do some hiking...

Grandson looked like he was having fun at school.. It's nice to see the teacher join in on the fun!!!!


Anonymous said...