Tuesday, May 22, 2012


The sun finally pushed the clouds away about mid morning as I walked I enjoyed the coolness of the morning breeze.
As I passed by the chicken lots I heard a loud painful peeping and as I checked the last setting silkie there was a little just hatched chick outside the nest. As I picked its cold lifeless feeling body up and placed it back under mama she looked at me gratefully. Later I checked on the little guy and found him all dry and active.
I had to go to Aldi and Sav-Mor to pick up baking supplies on my way to pick up g-son. This is the last Tuesday shopping I will be doing as next week there isn't any school. I am thinking about how I am going to change my schedule to do my shopping next week.
As I gathered g-son and headed home he was tired and hungry.As I listened to his chatter about his day at school and the plans he was making for the coming days of school I surely didn't have the heart to tell him tomorrow was the last day he would ever go to pre-school again.
He has reached another milestone in his short life.
After lunch he got more "pets" from his playroom and surrounded himself with them in front of the TV. As I passed through carrying laundry downstairs he asked if it was possible to have to many pets?  I answered him no especially if they don't eat anything like his stuffed animals didn't. Oh, but he assured me these were real and they did eat a lot but he was rich so that wasn't a problem !!!

I spent the afternoon doing laundry and dusting the house between answering questions and telling him where I was. Seems for some reason today he was intent on knowing exactly where I was at all times.
Time is passing me by again as it seems like only yesterday that I was loading laundry into the washer and dryer, but I know we couldn't have dirtied this many clothes in only one day !!!
The clouds had taken back over the sky and the thunder could be heard in the distance so we stayed inside for the afternoon.
D-in-love has another job interview today at 4:00. Hopefully she will have success in getting one of the jobs she is applying for.
When she came after g-son she felt good about the job interview today and had already gotten to the second interview with the job she interviewed for yesterday.
After evening chores and a salad supper I spent some time on my blog,catching up reading some and working on today's post. With a new job for D-in-love my hours will change and I need to get up earlier so I am going to get started going to bed earlier. If I spend the time waiting for the chickens to roost so I can shut them up blogging I won't be tempted to stay up until midnight working on my post and reading other blogs.I can't post pictures off my laptop but I can have everything written and then hop on the desktop to add the photos. I like sitting out in the sunroom using my laptop better than sitting in the living room on my desktop way better.
And earlier in the day I have more to talk about than I do late at night when I'm rushing to get things done before midnight.
In my decade photo memories for May of 1992 I found only a couple pics.
 This is baseball crazy #2 son on a bus trip he and his dad took to see the Atlanta Braves play. Look at those skinny legs !!

This is daughter's 1st grade class, she is 3rd from right in the red dress talking to the boy beside her.

As I post these old photos I am stirred with sweet memories of my children's early school life and it makes me look forward to watching sweet g-son as he begins his school season this August.
I hope that he loves regular school as much as he has loved his pre-school years. And I wonder when he is picked up at 3:00 will he still beg to stay a little longer like he does now when he is picked up at 11:45 ??
The cool evening is sure looking like it will bring a rainy night. Yesterday and today the temperature has dropped so quickly in the evening it makes chill bumps appear when I go out to shut the chicken house doors.
Still no news from cousin Connie ,only that it is just a matter of a short time as the ruptured appentix poison reaches her organs and shuts them down. I have spent some time in reflextion this afternoon,thinking back to our school days and realized that when Connie passes I will be the only one left of the three of us little elementary school friends left. The other friend named Lorna passed several years ago under mysterious circumstances.All those playful,fun memories have passed through my mind this evening.
I wasn't expecting to still be in my 50's when thoughts like these would come. Only our great God in Heaven knows the timing for each of our lives and the whys and wherefores of that time. As I watched g-son play I felt almost guilty for the great blessings in my life I am truly thankful that He has a longer plan for me than either of these great ladies and I am grateful that we will be together again just like we used to be on the elementary playground,carefree and happy  one day in His presence.
Praying for comfort for Connie's family tonight as I listen to the sound of raindrops starting to fall.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

Time does fly faster every year. It's comforting to have memories you can pull out and enjoy anytime.

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