Sunday, May 20, 2012


G-son announced the daylight at an early hour this morning !
As I did chores daughter picked hubbie up to teach their Sunday school class while g-son and I played with Legos.
We made lunch of grilled chicken breast and asparagus to go with the regular green beans, corn and potatoes. #2 son was saying how good grilled asparagus was so he came up and grilled some I had bought at Sam's last night. Lunch was delicious.
After we ate hubbie went with daughter to finish the flagstone walkway at her house. It needed to be finished before it rains again. #2 son went to do some more house hunting.
G-son and I played in the back yard.
We uncovered his sand box for the first time this year and he enjoyed it.
The sun was really hot today with temperatures in the mid 80's so I had to improvise a shade for him.
On a hot afternoon it is always good to cool off with ice cream.
There is always the wonder of finding a new friend !!!
And after letting this "inch worm" measure all around his hands and arms he placed it back in his sand box in hopes he will be there waiting to play again tomorrow.

Around 4:00 his mom and dad made it safely back from Tennessee where they had spent the weekend with other members of our church on a marriage retreat.
It is good for them to get away from their regular daily routine for a weekend and g-son has fun at grandparents house.
After everyone left this is how I spent the remainder of a lovely Sunday evening.

A good book and my 4-legged kids cuddled with me on a lawn chair in the fading evening sunlight.
A perfect end to a perfect Sunday!

Unfortunately the night was not as perfect as the daylight hours as tonight  we received bad news about hubbie's cousin Connie and my friend who is suffering with the brain cancer that I have spoken about in previous post. She is in the hospital tonight with a ruptured appendix and they can't operate because of her weakened condition so she has just hours to live.
Please pray for her family, her 3 children and their spouses,her mother and father, especially the mother because she has a very bad heart condition. Pray also for the grand children who will dearly miss her loving care. My heart goes out to the family but I can't help but feel that this is a blessing from God for a kind hearted,loving lady that will not suffer any longer. When she went to Chapel Hill to the specialist handling the cancer last week they told her and the family that the cancer was growing rapidly and that she had no more than 2 months and that they would need to seek help when the end got close because of the intense pain she would have.
Here is d-in-love talking with Connie at her son's wedding on the 5th of this month, just 2 short weeks ago.

Never take a minute of this life for granted , any of us could have our time here on earth ended with the next breath if it was God's will that we come to Him at that time. I pray that Connie's family will be comforted in the love of Jesus Christ our Savior during this grieving season of their lives.
Good Night and God Bless.


Peggy said...

I am so sorry. My prayers are going up for Connie,her family, and friends. Though she was a blessing to so many people she will be going home to be with her savior.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Marilyn, I am so very sorry about Connie. But--it sounds like she may be spared from the intense pain... May God be with her and her family. Prayers for them all--and for you.

We had clouds and thunder all afternoon yesterday--but no rain. But--it didn't get that hot either...

Your Sunday dinner sounded wonderful. I need to buy some asparagus...