Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Woke up this morning feeling kinda yucky. After pushing through chores and dealing with the sale of another pair of Silkie chickens I felt better.
The rain is still falling this morning but lightly so instead of walking I carried a shovel and cleaned out ditches all morning. Hoping the next rain won't come as hard and fast as the one yesterday and fill them all back in.
As I ran out to a strawberry field just down the road to pick up some berries to go with a pound cake I am making for a friend's father's wake the rain got heavier and we got another 1/2" in the gauge before it stopped later this afternoon.
After baking 3 chocolate,1 coconut and 2 pound cakes I had lunch and then cleaned floors. G-son came to stay while his mom did a little work at church. I cleaned all the floors except the living room,so I wouldn't get between him and the TV, hahaha. After he left for swimming lessons I cleaned in there.
I made doctors appointments for hubbie and I for yearly check-ups. Me at the OBs and him at the regular doctor. Since he was there in February he has been drinking Pom Wonderful juice to bring his blood pressure down , I am anxious to see if it worked.
I went over to my beautician friends and had her trim my hair this afternoon after I finished cleaning.
Back home I bagged my Avon orders and then did evening chores.  The air is definitely cooler this evening after the cold front has passed.  Already dropping into the 50's by dark is sure a change from our recent weather.
We are going to have a few below normal days to get a break from the above normal temps of the last week.

I changed to long pants for tomorrow after seeing the 44 degree overnight temperature.
Over all the May temperatures predictions are above normal this year.
But the moisture level looks normal.
I just hope it doesn't come as heavy downpours or hail like we have had so far.
A busy evening has followed my busy day as I've work through weekly paperwork and payed bills , iced cakes and sliced all the strawberries I bought this morning.
The berries are beginning to waterlog and the flavor is washed out but like the song says a little sugar helps make them taste good again !
Thanking God for the blessing of good health and a wonderful family tonight.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Gail said...

We are dry. Push some of that rain our way, please. We got 5/10 and celebrated each drop.

Have a great day.